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Superjail Season 3 DVD Review

Superjail Season 3 DVD

“Superjail” is as weird and violent as ever in the show’s third season.

In the 10 episode third season of the Adult Swim animated series, fans can expect to see more of the same ultra violent and ultra weird schenaningans that take place inside the crazed prison. Storylines in this season include: Mistress taking over the prison, Jared the accountant briefly running the prison, the Warden’s past, a magic show, a certain parolee, Superjail’s newly constructed handicap accessibility, family members of the Twins, cloning, a fight over radio and TV, Alice wanting to become a chef, and an inmate (Ash) with fire powers.

Much like Adult Swim series such as “Squidbillies” and “Metalocalypse,” “Superjail” is one of those cult favorites that I just can’t get into. Aside from possibly being a commentary on today’s violent, crime filled world (which is completely overstated to say the least), “Superjail” has little to offer or even say. It’s mostly just a frantic, colorful series filled with gruesome deaths. It’s violence for the sake of violence (and apparently humor). Granted, the indie comic book style animation is impressively detailed and artistic, but I wish that work went into something more amusing.


If there’s one thing most people will agree on, it’s that “Superjail” is a visually engaging show. The series (which is presented in widescreen) is filled with an abundance of colors, unique character models, and crazy looking environments. Even if the material doesn’t appeal to you, it is fun to admire the artistry of it all.

Expect to hear plenty of loud music, sound f/x, and voice acting in the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track. Whether or not that is a good thing will depend on your opinion of the show.

* 10 ½ minutes of animatics for “Stingstress” and “Nightshift”
* Nearly 11 minutes of rough cut footage for “Burnstoolie Burn” and “The Trouble With Triples”
* Introstring- A collection of opening credit animations.

Summary: With an upcoming panel at San Diego Comic Con 2013 and a season 4 apparently in the works, it looks like “Superjail” is here to stay for the time being. The show’s fans will no doubt want to pick up this set, but I can’t give this show a recommendation to anyone outside that fanbase.  

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