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Great White Shark: A Living Legend Blu-ray Review

Great White Shark- A Living Legend Blu-ray

Despite the short running time, “Great White Shark: A Living Legend” is worth a watch.

Narrated by Peter Firth, “Great White Shark: A Living Legend” is a BBC Natural World special that revolves around a South African shark diver named Mike Rutzen. The bold, brave, gutsy, and perhaps crazy Rutzen willingly swims with sharks out in the open without any cage or barrier separating them. His sort of scientific mission? To observe the behavior of the sharks and to disprove any myths about sharks.

If you are the type of viewer who gets pumped for shark week or even the rest schlock fest “Sharknado,” you will no doubt get a kick out of this BBC special. Not only does ‘Legend’ feature one of a kind footage both above and under water, but you also get to see a modern daredevil/shark conservationist doing things few people in the world have ever done. It’s not everyday you see a person swimming with great whites without a cage or sharks feasting on a whale carcass.

 The only real downside to this special is the short running time. Clocking in at nearly 50 minutes, the special leaves you wanting more. It would have been nice to have gotten additional information about great white sharks as well as more footage of Rutzen underwater with the sharks. It was intense to see Rutzen  in their hunting space and to see him observing their agitation, but it seems like there had to have been more footage than just that.


Presented in widescreen 1080p, this hi-def transfer captures everything from the deep blue sea to the shark jumping in all its hi-def glory.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track is fairly low key, but the narration, music, interviews and shark splashing are all handled well here.

* Ads for “Africa,” “Blue Planet,” “One Life,” and BBC Earth.
* “Swimming With Roboshark”- David Attenborough hosts this 50 minute program about an animatronic shark (complete with a camera) that is designed to capture footage of various sharks to further learn about their intelligence. Honestly, this special is much more engaging and informative than the “Great White Shark” feature.

Summary: “Great White Shark: A Living Legend” is a worth a rent, but there isn’t enough material here to warrant a rewatch or a purchase.

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