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21 and Over Blu-ray Review

21 and Over Blu-ray

“21 and Over” is one of 2013’s worst films.

“21 and Over” begins with college kids Miller and Casey visiting their friend Jeff Chang for his 21st birthday. While the pre-med Jeff is fretting about a crucial interview with a Doctor the following morning, Miller and Casey insist on taking him out for a night of drinking and partying. The 3 pals then proceed to drink at various bars, but the night soon spirals out of control as Jeff becomes black out drunk. Not knowing where he lives, Casey and Miller wander about town trying to get Jeff home. Alas, their quest is easier said than done as they become caught in a plethora of troublesome situations involving everything from a latina female sorority to a tower of power competition.

Clearly influenced by “The Hangover” (which the “21 and Over” writers and directors also scripted), “21 and Over” prides itself on being the college equivalent.  Unfortunately Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (the co-writers and co-directors) seem to have forgotten what made “The Hangover” (the first one) a hit- memorable characters and elaborate comedic set pieces. “21 and Over” has neither of these things.

Right off the bat, the 3 lead characters are irritating beyond belief (especially since they say each other’s names every 10 seconds). We’re meant to be invested in their friendship and growing pains, but we only want them off screen every time we see them. The biggest nuisance is Miles Teller (who plays Miller) who desperately tries to channel Jonah Hill from “Superbad” and Chris Marquette from “The Girl Next Door” and simply never shuts up throughout the entire movie. All of the other characters feel like they are recycled from other teen/college films. This is especially evident with the Jeff Chang character. The entire Doctor interview subplot attached to his character was ripped straight out of “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle!”

As far as the “humor” goes, I can’t say I laughed even once. Unless your idea of comedy consists of tampon eating, blatantly racist jokes, slow mo barfing, a buffalo on the loose, or a tower of power drinking competition, there’s nothing funny to be found. Just because a scene is raunchy or outrageous doesn’t mean people are going to laugh.


Presented in 2.40:1 1080p, the hi-def transfer for this film is certainly better than it deserves. The colors are nice and crisp here and I was especially impressed by how well the night scenes appeared.

You may actually want to crank the volume down here as the 5.1 DTS-HD MA is a little too loud (yes, I’m sure I sound like an old man). The lousy music in the film is constantly blaring and people are frequently speaking (or shouting) at loud volumes. It’s all a bit of a headache really, but then again, so is the film itself.

* FOX trailers and a theatrical trailer for “21 and Over.”
* DVD copy and digital copy.
* A gag reel that is as funny as the movie (which is to say it isn’t funny).
* “Levels of Intoxication”- A behind-the-scenes featurette that contains cast/crew interviews, set footage, film clips, discussions about the stages of drunkenness and turning 21, etc.
* “Tower of Power”- A featurette about the tower of power sequence.

Summary: “21 and Over” is painfully unfunny. Skip this one, folks.

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