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LEGO Batman: The Movie- DC Super Heroes Unite Blu-ray Review

LEGO Batman The Movie- DC Super Heroes Unite Blu-ray

“LEGO Batman: The Movie- DC Super Heroes Unite” is a breezy and light animated feature.

The plot: Criminal masterminds Lex Luthor and the Joker team-up for political and power gain. With their combined intellect and skills, they set out to create powerful weapons and attempt to get Lex elected as President. Of course, the two have to get past Batman, Robin, Superman, and even the Justice League first.  

For an animated feature length film that skews to a younger audience, “LEGO Batman: The Movie” sure is chock-full of references to past Batman and Superman films (especially the Tim Burton era “Batman”). In fact, in the film’s opening scene, viewers are treated to Danny Elfman’s iconic “Batman” score with a Lego version of the opening credit scene from the 1989 “Batman.” But that’s not all! There are even some clever references to the Gotham City design of the films, music cues from John Williams “Superman” score, and a not so subtle nod to the Adam West “Batman” film. The film is certainly at its best when the animators and writers are paying homage to the classic DC films.

When the throwbacks aren’t on the screen, the actual film is a bit empty. ‘Unite’ is essentially a glorified chase film with dozens of appearances by Batman’s Rogue Gallery and Justice League members. While the end sequence with the Justice League is admittedly one of the highlights, it would have been nice to see a stronger story rather than a series of scenes involving team-ups, cameos, and an overabundance of tired Robin jokes.

With all of that said, it’s still an entertaining way to spend 71 minutes and, if the ending is any indication there’s always hope that a sequel that could easily improve upon this film.


The CGI animated film, which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p, looks theatrical film worthy. Aside from some distracting artifacts, everything from the Arkham Asylum building to the Batcave interior is beautifully lit and animated.

The 5.1 DTS-HD MA doesn’t have a sour note. The action sound f/x are noteworthy, but the real prize is getting to hear Danny Elfman’s iconic “Batman” score again (especially with a hi-def soundtrack).

* DVD copy and Ultraviolet copy.
* A coupon for Legoland.
* Warner Bros and DC trailers.
* A Clark Kent/Superman Lego mini figure.
* “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” episodes “Triumvirate of Terror” and “Scorn of the Star Sapphire” and “Teen Titans” episode “Overdrive.”
* 5 winning shorts from the Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Video Contest titled “Black Friday” “Prison Brick-Out,” “Superman,” “Plastic Justice,” and “Wicked Surprise.” All of these shorts are very well made and all of them are worth watching. Personally, I thought “Lego Superman” should have won myself.
* “Short Feature: Building Batman”- A featurette about a Lego animator (Garrett Barati) teaching kids about stop-motion animation in his Lego studio.
* “Short Feature: Lego Batman Jumps Into Action: A Lego Batman Stop-Motion Short”- A clever little 1 minute short.

Summary: “LEGO Batman: The Movie- DC Super Heroes Unite” isn’t better than the “LEGO Star Wars” specials, but it’s worth a pick-up for DC fans and kids who love superheroes.

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