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Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens DVD Review

Ben 10- Destroy All Aliens DVD

“Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens” is an exhaustingly shallow TV movie.

Having been presented in live-action and 2D animation, “Ben 10” makes the jump to CGI animation with the 68 minute TV movie “Destroy All Aliens” that features all of the main characters (namely Ben, Grandpa Max, Gwen, and the alien heroes). In this adventure, fans and viewers can expect to see plots about a malfunctioning Omnitrix, a mysterious Mechamorph with a secret, a WayBig (lame, I know), and a missing Azmuth (the Omnitrix creator). How do all of these stories tie together? That would be telling.

As a child, “Ben 10” might have been the type of show that I would have geeked out about. As an adult, however, I can’t help but feel like the whole “with great power comes great responsibility” schtick has been done to death now. It doesn’t help that I find the lead character (Ben) to be an annoying whiner (especially when he’s around his cousin Gwen).

Worse than all of that though is the overall “Destroy All Aliens” story. To say ‘Aliens’ is nothing more than a series of alien fights and chases is a gross understatement. Not to sound like a grouch, but the movie is purely a loud, tiresome action-adventure filled with massive destruction and a bizarre lack of authorities,Government, or even people. Seriously, the populated locations turned battlegrounds are constantly in danger with explosions going off left and right and yet no one is conveniently around when the battles take place (nor does anyone perish). I know the budget probably couldn’t allow many extra characters and that the creators aren’t out to make a violent show, but it’s hard to take the story serious when there are zero consequences or effects of the battles. It treats the action like it’s all fun and games which is off putting.


The film, which is presented in widescreen, contains impressive CGI animation by Tiny Island Productions. The creature designs, explosions, and lighting are especially noteworthy here.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 audio track sounds surprisingly deep for a non 5.1 track. While a 5.1 track would have been good for this sound F/X heavy film, it still delivers high quality sound during the action set pieces.

* “Ben 10” and Warner Bros ads.
* 4 minutes of deleted scenes.
* A nearly 2 minute art gallery.
* “Behind The Scenes” contains film clips and footage of the animators and voice actors at work.
* “Making Of A Scene”- A look at the evolution of a scene (in this case the opening chase scene) from the storyboard stage to the final version you see on screen.
* “Ben 10 In A New Dimension”- Director Victor Cook talks about the CGI animated short that led to the movie.
* Commentary by Victor Cook and Marty Isenberg. The two chat about script changes, the CGI animation, the voice cast, characters, etc. This track may appeal to fans, but that’s about it

Summary: I’m sure “Ben 10” fans will be eager to check out “Destroy All Aliens,” but personally, I can’t recommend this one myself. If you’re looking for great recent animated action-sci-fi series I’d recommend checking out “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” “Tron: Uprising,” or “The Legend of Korra” instead.

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