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Regular Show: Party Pack DVD Review

Regular Show- Party Pack DVD

“Regular Show: Party Pack” delivers more wacky fun.

Mordecai and Rigby are back on DVD again with 16 episodes compiled from the first 3 seasons. This time, fans can expect to see stories about a stick hockey table battle, Muscle Man’s “My Mom” jokes, a conscious golf cart, a top score in an arcade game, wrestling, a sci-fi fantasy table top game, a bowling game, donuts, an alternative universe, gut modeling, Pops’ birthday, a fake lotto ticket,  Chad and Jeremy (an ostrich and a possum), a surprise party for Skips, a party from Party Pete, and a video of Mordecai and Rigby doing bad karaoke.

When it comes to Cartoon Network’s animated comedy shows, a lot of attention seems to be focused on “Adventure Time.” The series people should be paying attention to is “Regular Show.” ‘Time’ is more concerned with being weird for the sake of being weird whereas ‘Regular’ is weird while also being identifiable. ‘Time’ never seems grounded which makes it hard to connect with anything happening on screen. ‘Regular,’ on the other hand, can be surreal at times for sure, but the show is loaded with pop culture, music, and video game references while also being about universal themes like friendship and laziness.

It also helps that ‘Regular’ can be downright funny. Of the 16 episodes here, there are 3 that really stood out in my mind. “But I Have A Receipt” does a fine job spoofing RPG/Table top gaming while “Sugar Rush” is a fast-paced funny tale about donuts (more specifically a double glazed fritter). Last, but not least is “Karaoke Video” which sees Mordecai and Rigby singing Twisted Sister. Need I say more?


The series, which is presented in widescreen, is not the greatest looking animated series on the market, but it looks as good as it can here on DVD. Sadly, as of right now, there are no Blu-ray releases of “Regular Show.” There aren’t even any season sets yet at this time so fans will have to make do with these volume releases for now.

From the great voice acting to the plethora of sound f/x, this Dolby Digital 2.0 does the job.

The only extras are “Regular Show” and “Adventure Time” ads and a “Party Guest List” feature which gives text information about the following characters: Party Pete, GBF, Gary, Death, Starla, Techmo, Summetime Lovin’ Tape, God of Basketball and The Urge.

Summary: “Regular Show” fans should pick up “Party Pack.

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