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Archer Season 3 DVD Review

Archer Season 3 DVD

The third season of “Archer” is the best yet.

Sterling Archer and the employees of ISIS are back for another 13 episodes in the third season of “Archer.” In this batch, plots involve: ISIS and an adventurer (Rip Riley) looking for a missing Archer, Archer becoming a Pirate King, a Pirate Fortress prison, Burt Reynolds (in animated form), Cyril becoming a field agent, drug testing, a pet ocelot, a Canadian terrorist, a birthday present car, a dead Italian prime minister, a West Virginia rescue mission, Archer’s former fiancée Katya, and a trip to the Space Station Horizon.

As I have stated in past reviews, I was never too keen on the first two seasons of “Archer.” As a big fan of creator Adam Reed’s other series (“Frisky Dingo” and “Sealab 2021”), I could never shake the feeling that “Archer” felt like an extension of ‘Dingo’ rather than being an original show. With the third season, however, “Archer” has definitely come into its own. Adam Reed and the writing staff have not only upped the laugh quotient here, but they’ve also scripted some rather strong stories (and story arcs). This is never more apparent than with the episode “The Man From Jupiter” which features Archer and Burt Reynolds clashing over the fact that Reynolds is dating Malory (Archer’s mom). From the flashback with a kid Archer to the countless Reynolds movie references, this was far and away the funniest episode I have seen to date.

The fun doesn’t stop there as there several other memorable moments and episodes as well. The car centric “The Drift Problem” has some classic Archer moments were his thoughtless, egocentric and oblivious personality (and brain) shine ever so brightly. “Lo Scandalo” has some hilarious jokes about a corpse and some even funnier reactions to the corpse from Archer. Last, but not least, there’s the two-part “Space Race” which is filled with clever “Star Wars” references and some amusing scenes of Archer training for space travel. In fact, just about everything the Archer character does this season elicits laughs thanks to H. Jon Benjamin’s perfectly timed line deliveries.


The series, which is presented in 1.78:1, looks sharp even on DVD. This title is also available on Blu-ray.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track contains crisp and clear voice acting and action which is all you can ask of from an animated series like this.

* Fox film and TV show trailers and FX show trailers.
* Commentary on “El Contador” by Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler, and Adam Reed. Expect stories about everything from Adam Reed talking about doing work for “Stargate” to poop. Entertaining for sure.
* Commentary on “Drift Problem” by Judy Greer, Amber Nash and Adam Reed. More random conversations about bowling, Judy and Amber’s love life, technology, conventions, etc.
* Commentary on “Lo Scandalo” by Adam Reed and Jessica Walter. The two talk about the inspiration for the story, the character of Malory, celebrities, etc.
* Archer’s homemade trailer for “Gator-2”
* “Heart Of Archness Trilogy Enhanced”- The ability to play all 3 episodes together.
* “Book-On-Tape Fail”- A brief clip of Archer doing a book on tape of  “How To Archer.”
* “Cooking With Archer”- A segment in which Archer pimps his book and makes Eggs Woodhouse with Alton Brown.
* “Archer Season 3 At Comic-Con 2012”- A taped animated segment for Comic-Con.

Summary: The first two seasons of “Archer” were very hit-and-miss, but the third season is much more consistent. Check it out.

Note: If you can’t get enough of Archer, season 4 is currently airing on FX.


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