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Snowmageddon Blu-ray Review

Snowmageddon Blu-ray

“Snowmageddon” is another ridiculous low-budget sci-fi movie.

Set in Normal, Alaska, “Snowmageddon” revolves around a snowglobe that causes earthquakes, fires, deadly icicles, an avalanche, and ground spikes to terrorize the citizens of this small town. In order to survive, the townspeople band together to help one another, but will they all survive?

Under more capable hands, “Snowmageddon” could have been an interesting little “Twilight Zone” esque story. As is, it’s a laughably bad sci-fi/disaster flick that will have you constantly saying “The hell?” (as one character even proclaims in this film).

The biggest offense here is that the movie is simply boring. I have nothing against this genre of silly bad movies, but when the cover makes the film look and sound more exciting and action-packed than it is, you know the film has problems. “Snowmageddon” focuses far too much on flat human drama stories and doesn’t deliver enough action set pieces featuring the cheeseball special f/x. The disaster scenes we do get are far too short and underwhelming.

The lone bright spot here is the cast (which is better than this film deserves). Fans of the sci-fi genre will see a lot of familiar faces here including Laura Harris (from “Dead Like Me”), Magda Apanowicz (of “Caprica” and “Kyle XY” fame), Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh on “Battlestar Galactica”) and Donavon Stinson (from the underrated “Reaper”). They all do their best here with the limited roles they are given.


The film, which is presented in 1.78:1 1080p, contains some overly grainy shots. Aside from that though, this is the best transfer of the movie you will see.

The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio track is a little soft. The action set pieces lack the intensity that you would expect them to have.

No extras aside from Anchor Bay trailers.

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