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[REC] 3: Genesis DVD Review

“[REC] 3: Genesis” is a forgettable sequel.

“[REC] 3: Genesis” is the latest entry in the Spanish horror series. In this outing, the narrative turns its attention to a couple (Clara and Koldo) on the day of their wedding and wedding reception. The film starts out with a found footage approach with two characters (Adrian and Atun) filming the wedding, but that angle is later abandoned when the infected people enter the picture and begun causing chaos (and mass murder). The majority of the picture finds Clara and Koldo trying to find one another after being separated amidst the madness. Can the two survive or will their hellish wedding day be forever ruined?

While found footage movies are generally hit-and-miss, the first [REC] was one of the more beloved films in that genre (even though I wasn’t a big fan myself). Alas, there’s no denying that the first film was certainly more intense and inspired than the third installment.

“[REC] 3” starts out promising enough with a unique setting (the wedding) for the bloody mess to come, but unfortunately the film comes up short after  abandoning the found footage perspective 23 or so minutes in. While it’s amusing that the characters stop filming because no one in their right mind would, the switch to a traditional horror film style does not make any sense from a narrative perspective. Even worse, the film becomes far too generic and suspense-free with the non-found footage approach. I can understand the desire to move away from that overplayed angle, but it doesn’t work for a horror series prides itself on a realistic and claustrophobic atmosphere.


The film, which is presented 1.85:1, contains a mixture of handheld found footage style cinematography mixed with traditional film cinematography. While the film is visually competent, I have to wonder why a Blu-ray edition was not released in the U.S. The hi-def cinematography certainly begs to be seen in 1080p.

The Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track is as good as you’d expect a DVD track to be.

Extras include Sony trailers, 12 deleted scenes and nearly 3 minutes of outtakes.

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