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Squidbillies Volume 5 DVD Review

“Squidbillies” Volume 5 will leave you wondering how this show is still on the air.

In the fifth volume of “Squidbillies” (which is actually the complete 10 episode sixth season), we see the further adventures of the endangered Appalachian Mud Squid Cuyler family (comprised of Early, Rusty, and Granny). In this batch of episodes, Gaga Pee Pap returns to the family, Early gets addicted to Asbestos and video poker, Early pretends to be Jesus, Early gets a radio job, and Rusty gets a girlfriend. Other plots involve a snowman, a 25 year high school reunion, Ball Mart (a Wal-Mart esque store), and a flashback to Early’s time as a trucker.

Every person has at least one show that they can’t believe is still on the air. For me, “Squidbillies” is that show.

Over the years, I have found Adult Swim to be one of the truly original blocks of programming. Shows like “Sealab 2021,” “Robot Chicken,” and “Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule” are not only funny, but they don’t conform to TV show formulas. In other words, they think outside the box. “Squidbillies” may be unique, but funny it is not. Maybe some folks enjoy seeing drunk, violent redneck squids trash property, but to me, it’s a painfully dumb and grody series built off of tired clichés.

About the only thing of real interest in this show is that there is a new theme song for each episode. It might not seem like much, but at least there’s some real creativity in that regard.

Summary: Unless you’re a fan of “Squidbillies,” there’s no need to rent or buy this DVD set.


If you’re expecting stunning animation, you aren’t going to get it here. This crudely drawn series looks just as bad as the show is.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track, on the other hand, is sharp. The sound f/x, music, and dialogue are top notch here.

* Free album download.
* “Art and Music”-  12 minutes of music playing over an art/sketch gallery.
* “Guest Stars Featuring The Back Of Shawn Coleman’s Head”- A 5 ½ minute featurette on the variety of theme songs by various artists.
* “Bonus Digital Video Discisode: Trucked Up 2: Glenn’s Revenge”- A bonus episode featuring Glenn.
* “Trucked Up 3: The Scrambler Revealed” contains interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and chats about the voice cast, animation, editing, and music.

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