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The Raid: Redemption DVD Review

“The Raid: Redemption” is an explosive, but tiring action flick.

The plot is simple- A SWAT team is sent into an apartment building to take down a drug lord named Tama Riyadi. The only problem is the building is swarming with armed criminals which gives the SWAT team a big disadvantage.

“The Raid: Redemption” is the film action junkies have been waiting for. It’s a fast paced, violent, hard R, shoot ‘em up, beat ‘em up action flick that harkens back to genre classics like “Die Hard” and John Woo’s early work (namely “Hard Boiled”). In other words, it’s loaded with death, guns, and even some of the best hand to hand combat scenes in recent years.

If you’re looking for a film with strong characters and story, this probably isn’t the film for you. Despite having a few plot twists and some intriguing character dynamics (mainly between Rama and Andi), “The Raid: Redemption” is mostly a mindless action film. Granted, the action is intense and exciting (especially the climactic battle with Mad Dog), but it becomes exhausting early on. Still, there’s no denying this is impressive work from up and coming writer/director Gareth Evans. Something tells me that “The Raid” is just an appetizer from him.

Summary: “The Raid: Redemption” is fast becoming a cult and it’s not hard to see why. While it’s not perfect, it’s still better than much of the 2012 releases thus far.


The film, which is presented in 1.78:1, appears dark and grainy, but this is no doubt intentional as to give the film a gritty atmosphere to it. It may not be the best looking movie, but the fight choreography is so good you won’t care. I’m sure the film looks even better on Blu-ray.

The DVD contains Indonesian and English Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks (with optional yellow English subtitles). The Indonesian track (which is the original language track) is obviously the one to go with here as that is the way the film is intended to be seen. Aside from that, the English dub is absolutely horrible and should never be played.

* Ultraviolet Digital Copy.
* Sony trailers and “The Raid: Redemption” theatrical trailer.
* “Inside The Score”- False advertising here. This is just a montage of quotes raving about the movie with a few clips of Mike Shinoda conducting the score.
* “Behind The Scenes Video Blogs”- 6 informative video blogs titled “Bootcamp,” “Set Location, Camera & Lighting, Make up & Special Effects, Riot Van,” “Courtyard, Hole Drop,” “Drugs Lab, Tama’s Office,” ‘Machete Gang & Corridor, Jaka Vs. Mad Dog,” and “Post Production.”
* “Behind The Music With Mike Shinoda and Joe Trapanese”- The real score featurette with conversations about the music, how Shinoda became attached to the project, etc.
* “Anatomy Of A Scene With Gareth Evans”- A quick 2 minute breakdown of the hole scene.
* “The Raid TV Show Ad”-An ad for an anime version of “The Raid.”
* “Claycat’s The Raid”- A short that features “The Raid” done with Claymation figures.
* “In Conversation With Gareth Evans And Mike Shinoda”- The two chat about the score, stunts, film themes, and the difficulties of directing.
* “An Evening With Gareth Evans, Mike Shinoda, and Joe Trapanese”- Hadrian Belove moderates this 40 minute Q&A panel from the Cinefamily theater.
* An in-depth commentary by Gareth Evans.

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