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Extraterrestrial DVD Review

Despite a slow start, “Extraterrestrial” wins you over in the end.

No, “Extraterrestrial” is not an “E.T.” remake or a film adaptation of the Katy Perry song. Instead, it’s Nacho Vigalondo’s follow-up to the little seen gem “Time Crimes.” The film revolves around a man named Julio who wakes up from a night of partying not knowing where he is or he is with. He soon learns that he spent the night with a beautiful woman named Julia. Thinking it would only be a one night stand type of deal, he soon finds himself staying at Julia’s place after learning that several spaceships have appeared in cities across the world. With the world in a state of disarray, this odd situation essentially forces Julio and Julia to stay together and learn more about each other. As the two begin to bond, the real problems begin as we learn that Julia has a boyfriend (Carlos) and a weird nosy neighbor (Angel) who has a crush on Julia. Now, wanting to win Julia’s heart, Julio sets out to try and get Carlos and Angel out of the picture, but the situation soon spirals out of control.

If you’re expecting “Extraterrestrial” to be an alien centric movie, you should look elsewhere. Not only do we not see a single alien, but the spaceship element is more or less just a backdrop to this character dramedy. The film essentially plays like a stage play/character study. The script is completely devoted to the interactions between these characters and the effects that the character’s lies, cover-ups, and paranoia has on one other. To say anything more would be spoiling the fun, but it’s certainly a unique, oddball, and ultimately sweet movie. Granted, it’s a bit slow and not majorly eventful, but the creative story and well developed characters are bound to draw you into the film.

Summary: Nacho Vigalando is one of the most original directors working and his films are always worth checking out (so far). Give “Extraterrestrial” a rent.

The series is presented in 2.35:1 widescreen with Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Stereo tracks (with English subtitles).

Extras include a trailer for “Extraterrestrial” and “Juan Of The Dead,” a poster gallery, and a 24 minute making of featurette that contains cast and crew interviews, discussions about the film, and behind-the-scenes footage. The real meat of the extras? 4 short films by Nacho Vigalondo titled “Marisa,” “Domingo,” “Changing The World,” and “A Lesson In Filmmaking.” “Domingo,” which is about a squabbling couple and a UFO, is the best of the bunch.

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