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Childrens Hospital Season 3 DVD Review

“Childrens Hospital” remains a hit-and-miss sitcom.

Dr. Lola, Dr. Glenn, Sy, Dr. Owen, Dr. Blake, Dr. Cat, The Chief, and Dr. Valerie are back for a 14 episode third season. In these batch of episodes, expect to see plots about spinoffs, a child stuck in quicksand, a 70’s episode, Chet the paramedic, an apartment, a plastic surgeon, a bar mitzvah for Dr. Glenn, therapy, Dr. Owen’s sick child, a play, a night shift for the Doctors, the death of a Doctor, Ward 8, and more. As with the previous seasons, there are plenty of cameos and guest stars by the likes of Bruce Davison, Alicia Silverstone, Scott Aukerman, Nick Kroll, Lizzy Caplan, Stephen Root, Martin Starr, Michael McKean, Jon Hamm, Sarah Silverman, Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon, etc.

Even though “Childrens Hospital” hasn’t been around long, it already feels like the show has run its course. Between seeing this and “Scrubs,” you have to wonder how many more medical centric stories there are to spoof? Granted, ‘Hospital’ has a different tone and style to it (it’s much raunchier), but there are still plenty of similarities between the two.

Anyway, the humor here is just as hit-and-miss as it was in the previous seasons (and the web series). Sure, there are some amusing “out there” bits (see the foreskin subplot), funny pop culture references (see the “Tron” bit), and a grin inducing “Party Down” reunion (see the “Party Down” episode), but the jokes tend to fall flat more often than not. Personally, I think the show’s best years were during the web series airings. The web series episodes were shorter, the jokes were tighter, and the plots didn’t feel so forced and drawn out. I’m all for seeing experimental episodes like the 70’s one, but you can only stretch that joke out for so long before it gets tired.


The series, which is presented in widescreen, looks visually impressive. They do a fine job of mimicking the style of other medical shows at times.

The Dolby Digital Stereo track is adequate. Nothing more needs to be said.

* 6 web promos.
* “Bloopers and Screwups” with Rob Huebel.
* “Glen and Mom”- Alternate takes from a certain scene. Love the “Catwoman” and “The State” bits.
* “Gags”- An 11 minute gag reel which has a few chuckles here and there.
* 14 ½ minutes of deleted scenes. Nothing special here.

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