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Regular Show: Slack Pack DVD Review

“Regular Show” is an entertaining animated series.

Collecting a total of 12 eleven minute episodes from seasons 1 and 2, “Slack Pack” sees slacker park groundskeepers/friends Rigby (a Raccoon) and Mordecai (the Blue Jay) engaging in various goofy adventures. Expect to see plots about a magic keyboard, unleashing video game baddies, Death Kwon Do martial arts, a grilled cheese deluxe, antimatter, a rock band, Mordecai and Rigby’s future selves, a TV search, a song coming to life as a cassette tape, a suspicious radio DJ, the “death” of Rigby, time travel, prank calls, a bad memory, and ducks.

Upon the first viewing, “Regular Show” comes off like a late night Adult Swim program, but in reality, it’s actually an early evening Cartoon Network toon that somehow has garnered fans both young and old. It’s not hard to see why. ‘Regular’ is a surprisingly original, off the wall animated series filled with silly songs, dances (including a hambone), oddball humor, and plenty of surreal and strange characters ranging from a yeti to a lollipop man.

While it can be argued that the show’s premise is limited (the writers even repeat some of the video game plots essentially), this is the type of cartoon that you can throw on at anytime. There are no involved story arcs here; it’s just weird, fast-paced, easily digestable random adventures.

Summary: If you enjoy strange animated series, check out “Regular Show.”


The series, which is presented in widescreen, doesn’t particularly have stunning animation. In fact, it’s pretty standard 2D animation. With that said, the show is still quite visual and looks perfectly fine on DVD.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 is also fine in the sound f/x, dialogue and music departments.

Extras include an “Adventure Time” trailer and an animated short where Mordacai and Rigby try to make a hit song/ringtone called “Rah-Ha Ringtone.”

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