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The Adventures Of Tintin Blu-ray Review

“The Adventures Of Tintin” is completely and utterly soulless.

Based on Hergé’s beloved comic book series, “The Adventures Of Tintin” follows a young pointy haired investigative journalist (Tintin) and his dog Snowy. Aided by the drunken Captain Haddock, the misfit trio of heroes team-up on an adventure that involves model ships, a sunken ship (the Unicorn), and buried treasure. Unfortunately, their quest proves to be rather perilous as the villainous, mysterious, murderous, greedy Sakharine wants the treasure as well.

One would think that a film that is directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson, and written by geek icons Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish would be thrilling to say the least, right? If only that were true. For a film that is so full of action set pieces, ‘Tintin” is one exhaustingly dull adventure. The film is so resentless with overlong set pieces that you pine for Spielberg to stop trying to relive his “Indiana Jones” glory days and focus on characters instead. As is, the characters are as hollow and soulless as the dead eyed motion capture work.

Granted, the mo-cap tech has come a long ways since “The Polar Express,” but I’ve never felt more detached from motion capture characters than I have here. Motion capture films just seem like an odd, pointless middle ground between live-action and animated films. The most jarring aspect of this style is the creepy eyes, the misshapen heads, and the awkward placement of heads and bodies. Some of these characters don’t look human or realistic at all which is just off-putting.

Summary: Hardcore ‘Tintin’ fans may fall for this big screen adapatation, but I simply can’t recommend this bloated flick to anyone else.


I’ll give this disc set one thing, the movie certainly looks impressive in 1080p. The level of details, the lightning, the colors look perfect. You can’t ask for a better 2D transfer.

The 7.1 DTS-HD audio track is also worthy of acclaim. It’s really nice to see more 7.1 tracks lately as they simply have more depth than the 5.1 tracks.

* DVD Copy, Digital Copy, and an Ultraviolet Stream Copy.
* “Toasting Tintin Parts 1 and 2”- Footage of Spielberg toasting Herge and the crew before and after making the film.
* “The Journey To Tintin”- Spielberg and Jackson chat about Herge’s books.
* “The World Of Tintin”- A featurette on the Tintin universe as well as the history of the series.
* “The Who’s Who Of Tintin”- A featurette about the cast doing the voice acting and mo-cap work.
* “Tintin: Conceptual Design”- A featurette about Weta’s visual design work.

*”Tintin: In The Volume”- A featurette about the performance capture stage/volume.
* “Snowy: From Beginning To End”- A featurette about the Snowy, the dog character.
* “Animating Tintin”- A featurette about (you guessed it) the CGI animation.
* “Tintin: The Score”- A bonus feature about John Williams’ rousing film score.
* “Collecting Tintin”- A piece about the merchandise.

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