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Shin Chan Season 3 Part 1 DVD Review

“Shin Chan” is one of the best anime series around.

After a 2 year hiatus, Shin, his family, classmates, and teachers have returned with the first part of the third season. In these 13 episodes, viewers can expect to see the following stories: A family trip to the beach (complete with a volleyball game), Shin and his mother taking a trip to the cinema, Shin at a country club, a kitten, Shin being grounded, the bizarre Flamer character, Hiro working at home, Shin’s mother with a toothache, a train ride, a “True Blood” parody, Hiro’s porn obsession, a creepy stuffed rabbit, drugs, housewives, a restaurant, Shin’s friends and classmates (like Georgie), online dating, Shin’s mother teaching cleaning, Shin’s teachers, and a sick, snotty Shin.

When “Shin Chan” creator Yoshito Usui passed away and the anime series ended it’s two season run two years ago in the U.S., I was saddened that we were (presumably) not going to see anymore episode releases. Not only was “Shin Chan” one of the best anime series, but it was also one of the funniest series on television. Thankfully, the fine folks at Funimation decided to release new episodes in 2011 and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

With this third season, the writers have really upped the ante by making the content more adult. This cruder (and sometimes grosser) material makes the show even more outrageous and amusing as you never know how far the writers will go with a joke or what the characters will say. I also liked that the writers have incorporated more satirical comedy (like jokes about 3D and the economy) and even jabs at the show’s two-year hiatus. Of course, in typical “Shin Chan” fashion, there’s also plenty of pop culture references (including “Inglorious Basterds,” Hayao Miyazaki, and Tiger Woods) and, yes, plenty of Shin butt dances. 

On the subject of Shin, his character never ceases to make me laugh. Whether he’s insulting characters, talking about inappropriate things, or randomly appearing out of nowhere, the character is always making me crack up.

If I had to gripe about one thing in this new season, I have to say that there seems to be a little too much of the teachers. Those stories definitely aren’t as interesting as the stories with Shin and his family.

Summary: Buy “Shin Chan” season 3 part 1.


The fullscreen isn’t the best due to the rather crude animation. However, you probably won’t care about the animation since the series is such a laugh riot. 

Normally, I would praise the Japanese audio track, but the English Dolby Digital Stereo track dub is the best (and in this case the only) way to go. The rewritten dialogue and English voice work is flat out fantastic. I wish all dubs could be this good.

* Trailers for “Sgt. Frog,” “Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts,” “Shin Chan,” “One Piece,” “Strike Witches,” “FLCL,” “Dance In the Vampire Bund,” “Yu Yu Hakusho,” and Funimation.com.

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