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Chobits- The Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD Reviews


“Chobits” is an awkward and perverted anime series.

“Chobits” is a 24 episode anime series about a poor young country lad (Hideki) who dreams of going to college. In order to get closer to his goal, he decides to move to Tokyo to attend a prep school. While in Tokyo, he becomes introduced to Persocoms which are essentially humanoid (namely female) computers. Naturally, he wants to have one, but he’s unable to afford one. Luckily for him, he comes across one in a trash pile named Chi. From there on out, Hideki’s life is about to change. Episode plots include: Hideki teaching Chi, Hideki getting a bath and underwear for Chi (fanservice galore hero), Shinbo (his neighbor) and his persocom Sumomo, Hideki and Chi getting jobs, issues with Chi’s system, Hideki meeting a real woman named Yumi, a haunted room, an online game, a beach house trip, Chi cooking for Hideki, the landlady Ms. Hibiya, a series of books, Chi being kidnapped, and romance between Chi and Hideki.

I know “Chobits” is meant to be a rom-com, but I couldn’t get on board with the tone of this series. I’m no prude by any means, but the entire series just feels like a bizarre, fetish fantasy. This is the kind of fanservice material one would see in raunchy online fan fiction stories.

Now, I have no problems with the sci-fi concept of a romance with a computer/robot (it has been done before). However, I think the approach to the concept in “Chobits” feels very perverted and downright awkward at times. The series would have been far more enagging had the writers tackled the unique subject matter in a much different way.  

Another thing that bothered me was the character of Hideki. I’ve seen some irritating star characters in anime series in my day and Hideki is definitely up at the top of the list. Unless you like your character whining, exaggerating emotions, and being a creepy horndog, you will probably be greatly annoyed by this character.

Summary: “Chobits” may have its fans, but I can’t say I am one of them. My advice? Skip it.


The widescreen picture quality on the DVD leaves a lot to be desired. The animation looks flat and the character models are dull looking. The Blu-ray 1080i picture quality is certainly sharper, but it also highlights the animation’s flaws. The coloring especially looks strange here. This is definitely NOT one of the better looking anime series on Blu-ray.

The DVD contains English and Japanese Stereo tracks. The English track is nothing special voice acting wise. The Japanese track is definitely superior acting wise.

The Blu-ray set contains English and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0 audio tracks. While these tracks are satisfactory, I have to wonder why there isn’t any 5.1 tracks here.

Extras are the same on the Blu-ray and DVD aside from the Blu-ray having a trailer for “Kaleido Star”:
* Trailers for “Tsubasa,” “Summer Wars,” “Black Butler,” “xxxHolic,” “Rideback,” “Soul Eater,” “Sgt. Frog,” “Spice and Wolf,” “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.”
* 1 textless opening song and 3 textless closing songs.
* 9.5 and 18.5 previews.
* A 6 minute “Chibits Special.”
* 9.5- Shinbo and Sumomo Chat- A 24 minute
* 18.5- Minoru and Yuzuki Chat- 24 mins.
* 24.5 Hibiya and Kotoko Chat- 24 mins.

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