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I Am Number Four Blu-Ray/DVD

“I Am Number Four” is a science fiction teen action adventure with a formula plot line but is still quite entertaining.This alien (Alex Pettyfer) is hiding out on Earth from a distant planet being and is being hunted by alien bounty hunters, who have already killed three before him (Hence the title).  He is guarded by fatherly but tough Timothy Olyphant who tries to keep a low profile with the teen but being a teen on Earth requires school and girls and so when they flee the high life of Florida for the midwest to hide, he naturally enters school and falls for a brainy , independent girl (Dianna Agron of Glee).   As the bounty hunters close in, the action picks up (This is a Michael Bay produced film) and we get to see a lot of very well coordinated, “Buffy” type of fight scenes (the enemies even disintegrate into stone and powder like in Buffy when stabbed).  While still rather predictable, this is a good young adult film with an intelligent script and lots of great special effects to go along with the action.  The film never gets too bogged down in the romance between the teens to wreck the entertainment value.  The young cast carries most of the film and the bonus is a very tough Australian female (Teresa Palmer), who has a rather important and mysterious role in the film. The film leaves itself open to sequels by its designed open ending.

Blu-ray picture was very good with good color balance and detail and the sound (DTS-HD MA) is perfect for the action sequences.

The disc set has a few extras, including extended interviews with cast member Teresa Palmer that features her prepping for her role and some of the stunt work in the film and some extended or deleted scenes.  There certainly could have been more.  This disc set also contains a dvd copy and digital copy.

I enjoyed this film for its guilty pleasure ; lots of special effects and action and not that much teen angst.  The plot was very predictable and the film is open to sequels which may or may not happen but is entertaining regardless. Give it a rent , I think you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it.

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