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Childrens Hospital Seasons 1 and 2 DVD Review

“Childrens Hospital” is hit-and-miss.

In this 22 episode comedic web series turned live-action TV series, viewers follow the adventures of the clown faced Dr. Blake, Dr. Owen, Dr. Glenn, Dr. Lola, Dr. Valerie, Dr. Cat, Sy, and the Chief in the Childrens Hospital. The series, for those that don’t know, is basically a parody of medical shows (like “E.R.” and “Grey’s Anatomy”), medical sitcoms (like “Scrubs”) and soap operas (namely “General Hospital”). Plots involve romance between doctors, a fake brain tumor, patient deaths, operations, a visit to Childrens Hospital from a Puerto Rican midget Doctor, laughter, Trekkies, a faked character death, a character death, Cat’s pregnancy, Dr. Blake’s brother, a cancer cure, a retrospective special on “Childrens Hospital” on the series finale, a heat wave, the Chief’s daughter, and a fake live episode. The series also features an impressive amount of cameos including the likes of Ed Helms, Michael Cera’s voice, Eva Longoria, Adam Scott, Jeffrey Ross, Ernie Hudson, Sklar Brothers, John Cho, Lizzy Caplan, and Ed Begley Jr.

When I first popped in a “Childrens Hospital” DVD, I was wondering what this show could possibly cover that “Scrubs” has not. As it turns out, the show manages to offer up new material. In addition to being a raunchier show overall, ‘Hospital’ winds up being up more of a clever parody of all sorts of medical shows (including “Scrubs”). In fact, this show is at its best when it’s taking jabs at spin-offs and overly dramatic character moments that we have all seen on medical TV shows throughout the years. It doesn’t hurt that ‘Hospital’ has a talented cast that makes the show work (for the most part). Ken Marino, Malin Akerman, Lake Bell, Megan Mullally, and the Fonz himself- Henry Wrinkler all shine in their roles. Star/creator Rob Corddry also does a commendable job although he sometimes tries too hard on both fronts. His show tends to work better in small doses (such as with the 5 minute and under web series shorts). In long form, however, the show doesn’t work nearly as well due to drawn out jokes and or plots.

Summary: “Childrens Hospital” isn’t a comedy classic, but it is still amusing nonetheless. It should be noted that the DVD also boasts some truly funny extras that are often funnier than the show itself (see below).


“Childrens Hospital” is presented in widescreen. Both the web series and the television series are well shot and look fine on DVD. As for the Dolby Digital Stereo audio track, it was also solid all around. No complaints on this end.

* A Blu-ray/The Film Foundation ad.
* 5 Adult Swim wraparounds.
* A 2 part extra titled “Dr. Owen Maestro Answers Questions From Kids.” A hilarious extra that really captures the humor of the Dr. Owen character.
* “I Killed Cancer” music video.

* 15 minutes of outtakes and deleted scenes. The outtakes are honestly funnier than the episodes. Why wasn’t some of this stuff used in the episodes?
* A 1 minute gag reel of choking scenes.

* “Rob Corddry And Cutter Spindell: The Man Inside The Man Behind Childrens Hospital”- A 7 minute featurette of sorts in which Rob Corddry and his character the actor Cutter Spindell are interviewed.

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