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Being Human Season 3 Blu-ray Review

“Being Human” improves in its third season

In the 8 episode third season of “Being Human,” major stories include: Annie in purgatory, Nina and George working at a hospital, a zombie woman, a vampire named Adam, a weird vampire who is an obsessive fan of Mitchell, a detective, werewolves, vampire hunters, cage fights, Nina’s pregnancy, Mitchell torturing himself over a prophecy, a resurrected vampire, a ghost, the Old Ones, George’s father, and a shocking death.

Rather than focusing on routine “monster of the week” plots and central characters whining about their curses, the third season takes a darker turn and provides some truly engaging plots. Yes, some of the flaws of season 1 (such as the clumsy dialogue and overacting) carry over into this season, but for the most part, the show has ramped up the intensity, mythology, characterization (especially with George) and some truly surprising moments. Without giving away too much, I will say that the season finale is definitely gutsy and intriguing. It could certainly be a really interesting creative move for season 4 or it could be a disasterous move that alienates fans (much like the cast changes in “Primeval”). Time will tell.

Summary: If you’ve watched the previous seasons of the British version of “Being Human,” you will probably want to check out the third season if for no other reason than to see the season finale.


The widescreen 1080i (get with the 1080p BBC!) picture quality is so-so. I noticed some black specs during shot to shot transitions at times which was distracting to say the least.

The Dolby Digital Stereo track basically sounds like a lifeless Mono track. This show deserves a better audio track.

* “Sherlock,” “Wallander,” and “Doctor Who- A Christmas Carol” trailers.
* 7 deleted scenes.
* Extended cast interviews with Aidan Turner, Lenora Cichlow, Russell Tovey, and Sinead Keenan talking about the characters they play as well as major events of season 3.
* “Sinead’s Set Tour” of the new house set. This short extra only runs 5 minutes.

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