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Gulliver’s Travels Blu-ray Review

“Gulliver’s Travels” is everything wrong with modern cinema.

The plot: In this modern day spin on the classic story, the story focuses on Lemuel Gulliver whose career as a mail room employee for a newspaper is going nowhere. To make matters worse for Lemuel, he’s afraid to ask out the woman he has a crush on (Darcy). His fear of asking her out eventually leads to a big lie that causes him to get an unwanted travel writing assignment. The assignment? To explore the Bermuda Triangle. While en route to the Bermuda Triangle, Lemuel’s boat is caught up in a terrible storm which causes him to arrive in the land of Lilliput where tiny people dwell. While there, he finds that he can live a whole new life, but he soon discovers his newfound fame and heroism comes at a price. Basically, you can expect plenty of sappy moral themes.

If you are a fan of Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels,” you will want to steer clear of this embarassing film adaptation. This film is a lazy, big budget fiasco from start to finish. Instead of focusing on character and clever writing, the script/film is more concerned with piss and fart jokes, cringe-worthy dialogue, a happy ending musical number, lame plot devices involving a robot and a parachute, product placements, and more overdone, groan worthy pop culture references than you can shake a stick at.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, the supremeley talented cast is completely and utterly wasted here. Jason Segel, Chris O’Dowd (“The I.T. Crowd”), Emily Blunt, Catherine Tate (“Doctor Who”), Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, and Jack Black all deserve better than this. This strictly fels like a money job for all involved. Going back to to Jack Black, I have to wonder about his career decisions these days. Between this and “Year One,” he’s quickly ruining his career. Where’s “School Of Rock 2” and a new “Tenacious D” album when you need it?

Summary:  “Gulliver’s Travels” should never be seen.


The movie is presented in 2.35:1 1080p and, to be honest, the Blu-ray picture quality is better than this film deserves. It even looks sharp on DVD.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track has a lot going on. From the dialogue and music to the sound f/x and action, the track flat-out delivers.


* DVD copy.
* Digital copy.
* BD-Live capabilities.
* A 1 minute gag reel.
* Fox trailers including one for “Gulliver’s Travels.”
* 8 deleted scenes.
* A making of the “War Song Dance.”
* “Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character With Jack Black, Jason Segel, Rob Letterman, and World Premiere.” The two actors talk about their characters, the director talks about filmmaking to film school students, and footage of the world premiere (with red carpet interviews).

* “I Don’t Know…With Lemuel Gulliver”- Jack Black hosts this parody of unexplained phenomenon shows. The topic of discussion is the Bermuda Triangle.

* “Little And Large”- A featurette about the F/X and production design essentially.
* “Jack Black Thinks Big”- A featurette about his character’s ideas and or lies in the film.
* “Down Time”- A look at the laid back atmosphere on set.

* “Gulliver’s Foosball Challenge”- A game to play via the remote.

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