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Linebarrels Of Iron- The Complete Series DVD Review

“Linebarrels Of Iron” offers up exciting action, but the annoying characters drag the series down.

This 24 episode anime series begins with an introduction to a nerdy teen boy named Kouichi who is constantly bullied at school. As a result of his inability to stand up for himself, Kouichi has a tendency to dream that he is a powerful superhero. Luckily for Kouichi, he finds his life turned upside down when a giant robot machina (Linebarrel) piloted by a young girl named Emi crash lands right in front of him. After talking to partially amnesiac Emi, however, Kouichi learns that the machine actually landed on top of him and killed him. Thankfully for Kouichi, the Linebarrel used its powers to resurrect him and they somehow become linked. After some adjustment and thought, Kouichi decides to join the JUDA organization (a medical supplier and Machina making corporation) to do good deeds and fight the evil Katou organization. Main stoylines include Kouichi’s friends Yajima and Risako, romantic interests for Kouichi, a multidimensional invasion, ARMAs, a Machina called Vardant, the Katou Organization, etc. Note: There are also two OVAS in this set. One revolves around JUDA employee Rachel Calvin’s character while the other movie is a post-series look at the characters with a plot about the shadows of the linebarrels.

If you enjoy mech shows like “Gundam,” “Linebarrels Of Iron” will be up your alley. This show is at its best when the episodes showcase giant robot destruction and other large scale battles. Of course, if you’re looking for well-developed characters and a unique story, you might be a little disappointed. The story is pretty basic in that it’s an age-old story of a hero facing off against evil. As for the characters, there is real characterization here, but alas, the main character (Kouichi) is a pretty obnoxious character. Granted, his “journey” calls for him to be rather annoying and immature at the start so that he can grow, but having to endure scenes with power going to his head might test your patience. The rest of the characters aren’t much better. The series often feels more concerned with crucial backstory revelations and revealing secrets than making the characters likeable.

Summary: There’s certainly an audience for “Linebarrels Of Iron,” but truth be told, there’s better anime series out there.


The widescreen picture quality is good, but I have to wonder why this wasn’t released on Blu-ray simultaneously. The CGI animation would really benefit from a hi-def transfer.

This set includes both English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Japanese Stereo audio tracks. The English track displays lots of overacting but the action is nice and loud on this track. The Japanese track, however, is definitely the better of the two (voice acting wise).

* Trailers for “Sands Of Destruction,” “The Tower Of Druaga,” “Ichi,” “Claymore,” “Daytime Drinking,” “Trinity Blood,” “Heroic Age,” “Samurai Champloo,” “Rin- Daughters Of Mnemosyne,” “Evangelion 1.01,” ‘Sengoku Basara,” “Birdy The Mighty: Decode,” “Trigun,” “Eden Of The East,” Hong Kong Connection series, “Corpse Princess,” “Oh! Edo Rocket,” “Dragon Ball Z Kai,” “Hetalia Axis Powers,” and “Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl.”
* A music video for the song “Proud.”
* Another pointless peppy commentary on episode 6 by the ADR director, a voice actress, and voice actor.
* Textless opening and closing songs.
* 2 minute promo video and Japanese TV spots.

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