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Rain Man Blu-Ray

Rain Man blu-ray“Rain Man” arrives on blu-ray but deserves a better edition.

Rain Man was an important film for a lot of people including its stars, Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, who put in brilliant performances, and for director Barry Levinson, whose film catalog has had some real winners, including Good Morning Vietnam.  The film arrives from MGM/Fox in an Award Winners slipcover and really deserves a far greater edition than what is offered.  I guess the studio feels that for $15.00 they can get away with just the film and very little extras.  MGM certainly can’t afford to produce new material but they must have some archival footage around they could of thrown in for such a great film.

Video for this release is acceptable, not outstanding as it should be.  Noise shows up in certain dark scenes but doesn’t interfere with the overall viewing experience.  It’s obvious that a studio copy of the film was used in the transfer and nothing has been remastered.  Edge enhancements are present to bring out detail. Audio is DTS-HD 5.1 surround and is also acceptable but mostly front and center, barely utilizing any back channels but this is mostly a dialog driven film any way so it doesn’t make that much difference.

Extras include 3 commentaries (all from previous dvd editions), a 20 minute “making of” special, a 20 minute special on Autism, one deleted scene and a trailer.  There is no new material or extras for this blu-ray release.

“Rain Man” is a very entertaining film, with excellent performances from Cruise and Hoffman, tight direction from Levinson, and is a real bargain at $15.00 but lacks anything new in the blu-ray release.  If you have the dvd with the extras, there is little reason to upgrade.

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