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Unstoppable Blu-Ray

Unstoppable blu-ray cover“Unstoppable” is a typical Tony Scott-Denzel Washington collaboration with lots of action and a very predictable plot.

This popcorn action flick is just like the train it features-very slow at the start but then it picks up steam. While stars Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Denzel build up a chemistry together as the heroes as they chase a runaway train loaded with chemicals headed for a population center, much of this film is soo predictable.  Pine has family problems in a misunderstanding with his wife and Denzel is being forced into early retirement.  Also his kids work at Hooters to pay for college and are mad at him for forgetting a birthday. That’s about all the character building you get in this movie other than the typical hero bonding that goes on as the action heats up. Rosario Dawson plays a grizzled veteran dispatcher who battles “evil” management in their bad decisions on how to deal with the problem.

Scott uses news media reports to help explain train terminology and the situation ; a plus for people on the west coast who don’t have the sophisticated train system they have on the east coast, which is a plus for storytelling but also very obvious.  Action sequences are Scott’s strength and this film has lots of it starting about half way through the film.  This is the strength of the film in its entirety-is a great action flick with lots of predictable dialog and results.

The blu-ray picture and audio quality are first rate; kudos to Fox for a nice job on this disc.  Most of the extras feature Scott talking about his love of trains and helicopters (many of which are in the film) and the cast talking about the action sequences and how they developed their characters (this is short).  It’s a pretty typical array of extras package, one worth viewing once.

As far as Tony Scott-Denzel Washington flicks go, this one is probably the weakest they have made together.  A good action flick but not much more, “Unstoppable” just was too predictable for me but is a great new genre for train buffs.  Worth a rent-bring on the popcorn.

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