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Bambi Blu-Ray/DVD Diamond Edition

Bambi Bluray cover“Bambi” is another must have Disney classic on blu-ray.

Disney always loved nature and animals and no where is this more evident than in his classic “Bambi”.  The classic animators at Disney really put a lot of love into this film, from the classic characters of Thumper and Flower, to the memorable scenes of Bambi’s learning to talk and skating on the ice in his first winter.  While blending what’s real in nature with Disney’s uncanny ability to personalize the animals, this film is a triumph in the art of animation. My favorite sequence, “Little April Showers” totally demonstrates how great the animators were at Disney, with a beautiful interpretation of changing seasons that border on surreal and burst with colors as only classic Disney can provide.

The blu-ray disc has a number of state of the art extras, including the ability to watch extras on an ipad while viewing the film.  I wonder if Steve Jobs (whose on the Disney Board of Directors) had anything to do with this? It pushes the boundaries of just what blu-ray can do to enhance the viewing experience and shows up the other studios once again on just what the blu-ray format is all about.  I’m getting really disgusted over some other studios putting out bare bones blu-ray catalog titles, some without even as much information as their dvd counterparts.

Here are a list of the extras included in this blu-ray/dvd combo set:

Disney’s Second Screen – This is the iPad feature I mentioned.  Access galleries, flip books and other info via internet as you watch the film.

Disney View – Fills in the black from the 4:3 aspect film  with artwork.

An introduction to the film by Diane Disney Miller, filmed inside the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, which they have been plugging a bit in their latest releases.

Inside Walt’s Story Meetings – Let’s you watch additional material, including storyboard meetings, etc. while viewing the movie.

Deleted scenes: titled “Two Leaves” and “Bambi and the Reed,” are presented in black and white sketches.

A deleted song: “Twitterpated” , which thankfully was not included in the film.

Interactive galleries

Game: Disney Big Book of Knowledge

DVD bonus features:

*”The Making of Bambi” , an hour long feature which duplicates some of the material seen in “Inside Walt’s Story Meetings”. It includes interviews with involved in the making of the film.

Tricks of the Trade: An excerpt from 1957 Disneyland TV show, with Walt explaining the multi-plane camera.

Inside The Disney Archives: The supervising animator at Disney gives a tour of the archives.

“The Old Mill”: a classic Disney Technicolor short and winner of the 1937 Academy Award for Best Short Subject/Cartoon. This short demonstrates the animators study of nature for the Bambi “April Showers” scene.

You can not do wrong with this excellent package of classic Disney animation.  With all the extras, the is a very good value and with Disney continuing to push the boundaries of blu-ray technology, it really shows the potential of just what blu-ray can do.  A must buy.

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