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America America

America America dvdElia Kazan’s misplaced masterpiece finally arrives on DVD from Warner and is just as powerful as it was when first released.

“America America” tells the story of Kazan’s own uncle and his quest to flee the brutal regime of the Turks in Armenia for the promise that was America.  Starring the young Stathis Giallelis, Kazan paints a beautiful picture of one man’s quest to build a better life for himself after experiencing the harshness of Turkish oppression at the turn of the 20th century. The black and white photography fully captures the emotions and experience that Kazan’s uncle lived as a young man.

The film is long (about 3 hours) so be prepared for a stunning experience that you will not soon forget.  The dvd set also includes full length commentary from film critic Foster Hirsch about the evolution of the film. The film takes on more relevance today as immigration has become such a hot political subject.  This is a thinking man’s film and it gets our highest recommendation.

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