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Salt (Deluxe Unrated Edition) Blu-Ray

“Salt” is one of the best action movies of the year.

Angelina Jolie really impresses as a veteran CIA agent who is informed that she is a deep cover spy for the Russians, having been placed in America as a child.  The film is total action from that moment on as the audience follows Jolie on her quest to first find and protect her husband, and then to find out exactly who she is.  The plot keeps you guessing as to her loyalties as her actions can be judged in different ways.  The action sequences as believable and thoughtfully set up, and it is refreshing to see an action movie where the action is not just interpreted by a out of focus and jiggled camera. If you liked Bourne or Taken, you will like this film.

The disc is also loaded with three different versions of the film, the theatrical version, the extended version, and an unrated extended version,making it a great value . You should also know that these different contain a number of changed scenes with different plot outcomes so watching all the versions is a real bonus. You can watch one version and have the disc indicate where the changes are as well. A lot of extras are also included:” The Ultimate Female Action Hero”, “The Real Agents”, “Spy Disguise: The Looks of Evelyn Salt”, “The Modern Master of the Political Thriller: Phillip Noyce”-he also directed “Patriot Games”, “False Identity: Creating A New Reality”, “The Treatment” Radio Interview with Phillip Noyce,  “SALT: Declassified”, Filmmakers’ Commentary, Unrated Filmmakers’ Commentary, Unrated Extended Filmmakers’ Commentary, and Spy Cam: Picture-in-Picture features.  It’s a very healthy dose of extras that will take some time to get through.

“Salt” is without a doubt one of the best action films of the year and really deserves your attention.  Noyce and Jolie have put together a great, entertaining popcorn film, which is a great value on disc.

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