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Dragon Ball Z- Dragon Box 4 and Dragon Ball GT- The Complete Series DVD Reviews


Dragon Box 4 is not the best of “Dragon Ball Z.”

“Dragon Ball GT” is a pointless series.

Dragon Ball Z- Dragon Box 4

“Dragon Ball Z”- Dragon Box 4 contains episodes 127-168. These episodes conclude the Android saga and also contain the beginning of the Cell saga. Viewers can expect to see stories involving Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Kuirin/Krillin, and Trunks facing off against Androids number 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 as well as the monster named Cell. Other storylines include a time machine, two characters becoming Super Saiyans, and the usual injuries, training, and power ups. The box ends with Cell proposing a fighting tournament (yes, another one) to see if anyone can defeat him. If no one does, he will kill everyone on Earth.

While there’s no denying that both the Android and Cell sagas are action packed, I can’t say that I liked seeing the 2 storylines connecting. To me, the writers should have finished one arc before starting another. Granted, it was a little interesting to see one villain (Cell) fight the other villains (Androids) to absorb them and take a new form, but it seemed like a cheap way to conclude the Android arc by taking some pressure off the heroes. Plus, the introduction of Cell turned out to be yet another story of a power hungry villain which we’ve seen too many times at this point.

On the plus side, I have to give credit to the animators for their neat Cell character designs. He just might be the most visually interesting villain in the series. Additionally, I should mention that Vegeta absolutely steals the show here in these episodes with some truly funny and kick-ass character moments (most notably when he beats up Android 19).

Summay: The episodes of Dragon Box 4 lack the creativity and unique storylines of the episodes in the first 3 box sets. For DBZ fans only.

As I’ve stated in my reviews of the first 3 boxes, the 4:3 fullscreen picture quality has some grain issues, but aside from that, these are the best transfers next to ‘Kai.’

The set contains English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Original Japanese Mono audio tracks. Truthfully, you can’t go wrong with either track. The English track contains top notch voice work and the action sounds superb. The Japanese track is also good in both of those departments. The only problem with the Mono track is the scratchy, flat audio.

Extras include trailers for “Initial D,” “Sengoku Basara,” “Kaze No Stigma,” “The Slayers Revolution,” “Dragon Ball GT,” “Fullmetal Alchemist,” a hardcover booklet that contains episode summaries and character profiles and sketches.

Dragon Ball GT- The Complete Series

With the final season of DBZ, it felt like the “Dragon Ball” franchise had run its course and that it was a fitting time to end the franchise. But as with any hit franchise, the powers that be at Toei Animation thought the franchise should continue and thus the completely unecessary and creatively bankrupt “Dragon Ball GT” was born.

DB GT, which lasted 64 episodes and also spawned 1 movie, is a watered down version of DBZ which is the reason why no one ever mentions this series in the same breath as DB or DBZ. Simply put, the series just recycles old ideas, has a very different tone, and worst of all, boring storylines. Among the stories you can expect to see: Goku turning back into a kid (cue the eye roll), a new cast of characters taking ceneter stage (Buu, Giru, Goten and Pan), a quest to find the Black Star Dragon Balls before Earth explodes, ANOTHER fighting tournament, Goku going to hell, reappearances by old villains (Emperor Pilaf, Dr. Gero, Cell, Frieza), and the introduction of some new villains such as Don Kee (a ruler of Imecka looks like something out of the 80’s), a cult leader who loves dolls (Dolltaki), a crazy scientist named Dr. Myuu and his deadly creation Baby who wants to destroy Saiyans, General Rilldo and his robotic minions, and a new Android 17. The series culminates in a battle against 7 dragons and the all-mighty Omega Shenron. As for the movie, it revolves around Goku Jr.

As you can no doubt tell by the above plotlines, there’s really nothing new here. If one is asked to create a new spin-off, it’s the perfect opportunity to do something new, but instead the creative team of GT (for the most part) rehashed everything that DBZ did. There’s a tournament, a bunch of villains, side quests, etc. Sure, new characters are introduced, but the problem is none of them are remotely interesting. For instance, Pan (Videl and Gohan’s daughter) is arguably the most obnoxious character in the DB universe. All the character does is whine non-stop! Heck, the writers even managed to make Trunks less appealing which is baffling since he was one of the best characters on DBZ.

About the only aspects I did admire were the appearances of old faces such as Master Roshi, Vegeta, Piccolo (making a sacrifice) and the emotional last episode that is undoubtedly the show’s finest hour. As mediocre as the series is, the final episode was a nice farewell to the characters we’ve followed for so long.

Summary: Skip “Dragon Ball GT” and watch “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z” instead.

The 4:3 fullscreen picture quality is certainly more colorful and sharper looking than DBZ and DB mostly because it’s a newer show. I did notice some dirt specs and faded colors here and there though.

The set contains a total of 3 audio tracks (English Dolby Digital 5.1, U.S. Broadcast Version Stereo, and Original Japanese Mono). Thankfully, the 5.1 track contains many of the same cast members as the 5.1 DBZ tracks, but unfortunately the voice work of the new characters is somewhat dull. Still, it’s a solid track that also really delivers in the action department. The same can be said for Broascast track which is not too much different than the 5.1 track. As for the Japanese Mono track, it’s a little rough, but the voice work and sound f/x are generally satisfactory.

The only extras on this set are textless songs and trailers for Funimation titles such as “Dragon Ball Z,” “Black Cat,” “Hana,” “Case Closed,” etc.

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