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The Kansas City Royals 1985 World Series Collector’s Edition DVD Review

Kansas City Royals fans wanting to relive the 1985 World Series should pick up this box set.

Are you a devoted Kansas City Royals fan who wants to revisit the team’s glory days? Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to A&E and MLB DVD, fans of the team can now own a box set containing all 7 thrilling games of the 1985 World Series in which the Royals went up against the other Missouri team- the St. Louis Cardinals. Not only can you watch fantastic players like George Brett, Frank White and the ultra talented pitcher Bret Saberhagen and hear the great Al Michael call the games but you can also watch a legendary baseball playoff series. In case you don’t recall what happened, the Royals were down 3-1 in the series and things were looking grim going into game 5. BUT, the Royals somehow won 3 straight (including an amazing ninth inning victory in game 6) to win the World Series. It was truly an epic comeback by the Royals and a flat-out great sports story (except to the poor Cardinals fans).    

Summary: Kansas City Royals fans and hardcore baseball enthusiasts should check this set out. It’s a great reminder of just how thrilling baseball can be.

Note: I should mention that I found the individual cases for the 7 discs to be rather neat. Each disc cover/back cover contains scoreboards and stats for each of the games. It’s a nice touch.

Video and Audio:

Before the menu screen pops up, there’s a statement about video and audio imperfections, but don’t let that notice scare you. The video and audio quality is actually in pretty good shape considering it’s 25 years old. Granted, the fullscreen picture quality has some lines and faded colors, but that’s to be expected. Likewise, the Dolby Digital Stereo is also flawed with some audio cutting out, but the commentators and the roar of the crowd are surprisingly crisp and clear.

* Pre-game and post-game shows.
* 1985 Kansas City Royals Highlight Film.
* American League Championship Series Highlights (such as George Brett hitting a homerun).
* Royals Clinch The ALCS.
* The joyous and amusing Royals clubhouse celebration.
* Royals Looking Back- Members of the ’85 Royals team look back on the amazing series.
* A montage of Bret Saberhagen: CY Young Winner’s best moments.

* George Brett: Hometown Hero- A brief 4 minute featurette on Brett.
* How The Royals Met the Cardinals- A rundown of the Cardinals’ 1985 season.

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