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G.I. Joe: The Movie Blu-ray Review

“G.I. Joe: The Movie” will definitely satisfy fans of the franchise.

The plot: As any Joe fan knows, the Cobra organization has always been the central threat to the Joes. In this 1987 feature film, however, the Joes face two threats- Cobra and the underground dwelling Cobra-La (led by Golobulous). The villain’s mission? To steal the energy weapon known as Broadcast Energy Transmitter (the B.E.T.) and use it to shoot spores over Planet Earth which would then sprinkle down onto the population and cause every human to become mutated creatures. Can the Joes (with the help of the Rawhides and Sgt. Slaughter’s Marauders) stop the two villainous groups from carrying out their world domination plan?

When it comes to making a leap from the small screen to the big screen, animators and storytellers really have to up their game. While the direction and action is certainly epic in this feature film (especially the opening Statue Of Liberty and Cobra Terror Drome set pieces), the plot itself leaves something to be desired. Granted, it was refreshing to see a plot that involved new characters like Lt. Falcon and new villains like the Cobra-La, but you’d think the writers could come up with something that would be more fitting to the Joe universe. The flying insectoid, serpent Cobra-La creatures (like Pythona) seem like they are from another show entirely. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that it would have been nice to see more of the foes fans love (Destro, Baroness, and Cobra Commander) instead of these Cobra-La villains that I doubt most fans care about.

On the subject of Cobra Commander, I have to say his story arc in the film is easily the most appealing. Without giving away any spoilers, let me just say that the writers really surprised viewers with what happens to Cobra Commander’s character.

Summary: Despite goofy dialogue and questionable story elements, there’s never a dull moment in the action packed animated “G.I. Joe: The Movie”. A must own for fans.

The film is presented on on 1.78:1 1080p while the DVD copy allows viewers to watch it in fullscreen or widescreen. The Blu-ray transfer is unquestionably superb. The print has been cleaned up dramatically. Sure there are few scratches and dirt specs here and there but the colors are crisp and clear. A job well done Shout Factory.

The English 2.0 Stereo is surprisingly sharp for a mere 2.0 track. From the Cobraaaa cy to the sound of lasers/gunfire, this track packs a punch.

* DVD copy.
* Printable screenplay (on the DVD copy only).
* Art gallery/sketches.
* Shout Factory trailers for “The Transformers,” “G.I. Joe,” “Oban Star-Racers,” and “The Middleman.”

* 8 “Knowing Is Half The Battle” Public Service Announcements.

* Commentary by writer/ story consultant Buzz Dixon. A rather quiet and dull track with only a few interesting tidbits about his background and the Joe series/film. 


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