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The Moody Blues-Threshhold Of A Dream-Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival

The Moody Blues, known for their cosmic rock abilities, releases this great blu-ray disc of their full concert at the Isle Of Wight Festival of 1970.  Known as Britain’s Woodstock”, the Isle Of Wight Festival had some of the greatest groups in rock history perform on its outdoor stage, including The Who, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix (his last performance) and The Moodys.

Fans of the group will enjoy seeing the Moodys in their prime; and will also revisit the festival through recent interviews with four of the founding members.  

The disc begins with an introduction of the festival by bassist and songwriter John Lodge.  We are treated to early footage of the Moodys, including Ray Thomas playing harmonica and Denny Laine singing vocals, when the band had a different sound all together.  When Laine left the group and Justin Hayward came aboard to handle guitar and vocals, The Moodys, as we know them today,  were ignited. Hayward talks about how he wrote “Nights In White Satin”, a Moody  standard, and Graham Edge talks about his poetic side, which filed out the beginning and ending of many of their albums.  Even Mike Pinder, who left the group after its seventh album, recollects and shares with the audience how he came up with the distinct Mellotron sound used throughout their discography. It is really wonderful how he explains exactly how the Mellotron creates the sounds it does.  It was analog not digital!

The historical footage benifits from the high definition picture of Blu-Ray by enhancing colors and sounds.  Three soundtrack choices are available; 2 channel PCM, Dolby 5.1, and DTS-MA.  The DTS has the most punch considering the age of the recording.  The film itself has a few flaws but hey, its from 1970 and just as good as Woodstock footage. The Moody’s performance is right on the money too, with Hayward hitting all the right notes, strong and confident.  Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder songs are also featured in the set.  Songs from “Days Of Future Passed”, In Search Of A Lost Chord”, “To Our Children’s Children’s, Children” and “A Question Of Balance” are the makeup of the set.  “Ride My Seesaw” is set to a montage of footage both past and present and is a joy to watch for fans.

For Moody Blues fans, this is a great disc to add to your collection as it captures the group in its peak.  Besides the concert, which is really good, you have four of the members discussing the music, time and idealism of their music, which is unique in sound and ideas.  A fantastic disc.

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