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The Book Of Eli Blu-Ray

“The Book Of Eli” stars Denzel Washington as a mysterious man wandering “West” in a post-apocalyptic US with a sharp blade and a book which may mean the beginning of new life in the devastated country.  Not far into the film, we see where civilization has deteriorated as Eli encounters ambushes and witnesses brutal behavior by gangs roaming the countryside.  When he walks into a small town, his troubles really start as Gary Oldman, a local leader of the town, suspects that Eli is carrying the book he has been seeking to build his power base.  Mila Kunis plays a sassy teen who wants to go with Eli on his quest.   Jennifer Beals is her blind mother and main squeeze of Oldman’s, and Ray Stevenson is the gang member with a soft spot for Mila. Tom Waits has an excellent cameo as the town trader and electronic expert, who recharges Eli’s first generation iPod. Michael Gambon also has a short but sweet character cameo.

The Hugh’s brothers startling vision of this savage land is enhanced with very few colors , shot mostly in the New Mexico desert.  While the plot moves along nicely, some dead ends did bother me.  Eli has scars over most of his body and while they make an effort to show these in some scenes, they never explain how he got them at all.

Extras on the disc are plentiful and take advantage of Blu-Ray through Warner Maximum Movie Mode, which when turned on , allows popups, and picture in picture commentary throughout the viewing of the film. Included in this “Survival Guide” are three main segments; Starting Over (reshaping society after a global catastrophe), Eli’s Journey(which explores the mythological and historical roots of the film’s theme’s and the Soundtrack and how it was constructed. Its refreshing to actually see someone use the technology of High definition disc to its advantage, rather than just slap on extras like a dvd.  There are also a few short deleted scenes, and an animated graphic prequel on the origins of Oldman’s character.  It was good but way too short.

Denzel Washington fans will enjoy this science fiction action adventure with a few surprises.  Oldman is great as the villain naturally and the rest of the cast are credible in their roles. The blu-ray disc takes full advantage of the technology with a good load of extras, plus a dvd and digital copy. A recommended buy.

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  1. SERIOUSLY. I agree. And also AMEN to the Tom Waits thing. He’s one of my favorite singers, and anything he acts in is immediately GENIUS (at least his part, such as the otherwise horrid Dracula).

    Comment by Andrea | September 1, 2010 | Reply

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