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Tales From The Script DVD Review

“Tales From The Script” is an insightful documentary about screenwriters.

 “Tales From The Script” is a documentary about industry professionals talking about their dealings with Hollywood, the heartbreak that occurs when their work is mangled by the studios/directors, the craft of screenwriting, the trouble of breaking into the biz, rejections, agents, how to pitch/sell a script, success/fame, the current film climate, the development process, meetings with film executives, and working with directors and stars. Interviews with the likes of John August, Ron Shelton, William Goldman, Bruce Joel Rubin, Frank Darabont, John Carpenter, Larry Cohen, Paul Schrader, Mick Garris, Allison Anders, Peter Hyams, Ronald Shushett, Zak Penn, Shane Black, and many more are included. Also spliced into the movie are segments from the following films: “Get Shorty,” “The Last Shot,” “Shoot Or Be Shot,” “The Muse,” “Barton Fink,” “Bowfinger,” “The Majestic,” “The Last Tycoon,” “Fo Your Consideration,” “Dreamgirls,” “The Way We Were,” “Adaptation,” and “In A Lonely Place”.

As a writer, the ups and downs of the screenwriting world are very familiar to me and thus there wasn’t much new information here for me personally. With that said, however, ‘Tales’ still manages to be a fascinating documentary as we get a first hand account of life in the biz from industry professionals. The documentary does a particularly fine job in covering all areas of the career field. I especially enjoyed hearing about Guinevere Turner’s experiences with writing Uwe Boll’s “Bloodrayne” and Bruce Joel Rubin’s touching story about how “My Life” affected a family who viewed the film.

Summary: Whether you’re writer or not, “Tales From The Script” is an engaging documentary for all audiences as it is filled with insightful stories about the life and times of a screenwriter.  

The widescreen picture quality is fairly low but that doesn’t matter. This is simply about the people being interviewed. This doesn’t need to be HD quality.

The stereo sound quality isn’t great by any means, but the interviewees are never hard to hear.


* Director bio.

* “Tales From The Script: The Book” and “Capturing Reality” ads.

* Trailers for “The Most Dangerous Man In America,” and “Prodigal Sons.”

* “Advice For The Screenwriter” (9:00) from Adam Riffkin, Ron Shelton, John August, Peter Hyams, Zak Penn, etc.

* “The Gospel According To Bill” (12:00)- Shane Black, Frank Darabont, and others talk about William Goldman. Goldman also talks about his own work.

* “More Tales From The Script” (46:30)- Extra scenes about the development process, the current Hollywood system, how writers come up with ideas, script rewrites, the actor’s influence on scripts, scriptwriting horror stories, writer/director combos, and the rewards of being a screenwriter.

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