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Sherlock Holmes Blu-Ray

Sherlock Holmes cover imageAh, leave it to Hollywood to reinvent one of the most celebrated detectives in fiction, casting two of the most dynamic leading men for the roles, and have a major hit from it, which leads right into a sequel.  Robert Downey Jr., already red hot with his “Ironman” franchise, plays Holmes as an eccentric social misfit who is brilliant in flashes but is inept in some everyday situations, as shown when he meets Watson’s fiancee(Kelly Reilly).  Watson, played by Jude Law, helps to even out his chum, with unending patience and also with muscle, at times. This Holmes is as much the mental giant as portrayed by Basil Rathbone but with added action hero characteristics.  Add to the mix a past love (Rachel McAdams) who works for a shady “professor” for romantic intrigue and some additional humor.  Guy Ritchie directs the film with a lot of fast paced action throughout.

This Holmes is as fit as any action hero, and the film has many elements of an adventure/action thriller with elements of the supernatural thrown in.  The villain is less than memorable, a British Lord who has risen from the dead to create chaos for the English government.  Of course, Holmes, manages to explain everything logically in the end.

The blu-ray disc contains a typical amount of extras including a feature on the making of the film and by watching this you will see just how much CGI is relied on to make today’s films.  The CGI is very good at displaying late 19th century London.

If you like action/adventure, quick witted dialog and eccentric Robert Downey Jr. characters, this film will not disappoint.

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