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Blood Ties- The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

“Blood Ties” is as dead as a vampire.


Content: D

Picture: B+

Audio: B

Extras: D

P.I. Vicki Nelson teams up with her ex-partner and lover Detective Mike Celluci and a vampire named Henry Fitzroy as they investigate murders, missing persons, and strange cases involving everything from Windigos and ghosts to demons and a Necromancer. This Canadian television series that aired on Lifetime lasted two seasons with a total of 22 episodes.

If you are a fan of the vampire genre, there will be absolutely nothing new to you in “Blood Ties.” It’s part “Angel” and “Forever Knight” mixed with “The X-Files”. Add in the typical romantic triangle and you know what to expect story wise. As if the series unoriginality wasn’t bad enough, the show is plagued with uber cheap sets/production values, poorly shot episodes, and worst of all, horrendous acting by the three leads. Christina Cox, Kyle Schmid and Dylan Neal have zero chemistry together. It doesn’t help that the characters are flat, lifeless, and unconvincing either.

Summary: If you want to watch a quality vampire television series, stick with “Angel,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” or “True Blood” instead.

The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality looks good (especially considering how cheap the show looks).  The DTS-HD audio track is also decent, but I expected more from it. Some scenes are often quiet and the action set pieces lack that oomph that viewers have come to expect from Blu-ray audio tracks.

The only extras here are a photo gallery, a season 1 trailer and another trailer that basically sells the show.

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