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Capitalism: A Love Story Blu-ray Review

“Capitalism: A Love Story” is a relevant and thoughtful documentary by Michael Moore.

After tackling health care in “Sicko,” controversial director Michael Moore has returned with a new documentary about the United States economic system and even its recent meltdown. While much of the information about capitalism, greed, profit, and the recession is hardly news, there are some truly eye-opening and sickening moments here. For instance, the segment about the “juvenile deliquents” being unjustly sent to a Pennyslvania child care facility merely for profit proved how low some people will go to make a quick buck. The same can be said for companies taking out insurance policies on employees so they can profit off them if they pass away. Yes, that actually happens if you can believe it.

Of course, not everything here is gloom and doom. Moore also shows how the spirit of lower and middle class people can also triumph such as when the fired employees of Chicago Republic Windows And Doors went on strike until they received their severance pay or when an evicted family stands their ground and goes back into their home. Another intriguing moment here is the revelation that a company called Isthmus Engineering is not run by bigwigs, but the workers themselves. It’s an entirely democractic operation run by the workers. As a result of this intriguing business practice, the workers also happen to make more money than most folks. If only more businesses were like this…

Summary: If you are a fan of Michael Moore or are interested in what he has to say, check out “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

‘Capitalism’ is a fantastic looking documentary. Even the old stock footage looks cleaned up. The film is presented in 1.78:1 1080p on this Blu-ray disc.

I have no complaints with the Dolby TrueHD 5.1. The interviewees and Moore’s narration are as clear as can be.


* Digital copy.
* A teaser and theatrical trailer.
* Extended interviews with Elizabeth Warren, US Congressman Elijah Cummings, Father Dick Preston, and President Jimmy Carter’s full speech.
* Deleted segments include interviews with Michael Moore’s friend Dan form Flint, reporter Chris Hedges, author/professor Michael Pollan, Union Cab Taxi Drivers in Wisconsin, Professor Tom Webb, and segments on the Bank Of North Dakota and a political family apart of the Take Back The Land organization.

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