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One Piece: Season Two- 4th Voyage DVD Review

“One Piece” is definitely not for every anime fan.


Content: D

Picture: B

Audio: B

Extras: D-


In this season two forth voyage box set (which includes episodes 92-103), Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates arrive in the desert country Alabasta where they encounter a rebel army wanting to take over the country, and even a giant scorpion. There are also several story arcs involving Luffy and his brother, Princess Vivi, and Ace looking for Blackbeard.

If you’re an anime fan, it’s rather hard to ignore “One Piece” as it’s undeniably one of the most popular anime series of all time. Unfortunately, I have no idea why that is. I simply cannot invest in these characters or the world they inhabit because everything is so ridiculously goofy. You’d think a pirate show would be somewhat serious or action packed, but that’s not the case with ‘Piece.’ Not only are these “pirates” a bunch of talky whiners, but they also are constantly engaging in eye-rolling slapstick humor or spazing out. On top of that, the show incorporates lame ideas such as Dance Powder, Devil Fruit Power, Sea Cats, a duck, and a human/reindeer hybrid character named Chopper.

Summary: If you are a fan of “One Piece” then by all means check out this DVD set. If not, you’re better off avoiding this anime series.


The fullscreen picture quality is decent. “One Piece” is not the best looking anime series, but it does have impressive looking landscapes and city designs.

This set includes English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Japanese and English Stereo tracks. The English tracks are just dreadful. The voice cast overact and make the show goofier than it needs to be. The Japanese Stereo track is the one to listen to here as the voice actors are superior in every way.


Extras include opening and closing textless songs and trailers for “Sgt. Frog” “Bamboo Blade,” “One Piece,’ “D. Gray-Man,” “Dragonaut,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Evangelion 1.01,” “Spice And Wolf,” “Tower Of Druaga,” and “Nabari No Ou.” The box claims there is a staff commentary but I do not believe they are on this set.

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