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The Invention Of Lying Blu-ray Review

“The Invention Of Lying” is a clever and funny comedy.


Content: B

Picture: B+

Audio: B+

Extras: B

The Movie:

The premise: In a world where people are incapable of telling a lie, a man named Mark miraculously has the ability to tell a lie. Naturally, he tries to use this to his advantage but it ends up becoming both a blessing and a curse.

Ricky Gervais has always been sort of a hit-and-miss comedian for me. Often times he plays the same jackass character or tries too hard to be funny. Thankfully, Gervais attempts something different here with a creative comedy (that he wrote, directed and starred in) that covers everything from truth and lies to religion and appearance.

As you can no doubt tell from the premise, the unique script written by Gervais and Matthew Robinson is really what makes this movie work. The two writers do a commendable job in creating a believable oddball world in which everyone truthfully says what is on their mind. As you can imagine, the dialogue is certainly interesting in scenes regarding what people honestly believe about each other or what people are doing in the privacy of their own homes.  

Another plus here is the all-star cast which includes Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Christopher Guest, Tina Fey, Louis CK, Jeffrey Tambor, Ed Norton, Jason Bateman, Rob Lowe, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and even PC guy John Hodgman. One could argue it’s somewhat of a cameo fest, but everyone does a fine job with their unusual roles.

Summary: If you’re looking for an inventive comedy, check out “The Invention Of Lying.”

Picture And Audio:

The widescreen 1080p picture quality is somewhat of a mixed bag. Several of the interior shots are grainy, but there are a number of exterior shots of the town that look quite nice.

The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio track is soft, but it gets the job done.


* Digital copy.
* 5 deleted scenes.
* 4 Ricky and Matt video podcasts.
* Outtakes.
* “Meet Karl Pilkington”- An extra in which we see Ricky’s friend and show co-host Karl Pilkington traveling to Boston to appear in “The Invention Of Lying.”
* “Prequel- The Dawn Of Lying”- A short film involving cavemen involving the first lie.

* “A Truly Honest Making-Of Featurette With Ricky Gervais” contains interviews, set footage, behind-the-scenes antics, etc.

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