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G-Force Blu-Ray

“G-Force” is another talking animals fantasy for families from Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer.The voice casting of “G-Force” includes the talented Steve Buscemi,Nichoas Cage, Penelope Cruz, and Tracey Morgan; all as CGI  guinea pigs that are a team of undercover agents that must go on a mission to save the world.  Effects are excellent (much better then the “Buddies” series with the talking, and there is some bathroom humor, but for the most part its good family entertainment that will keep the everyone entertained for a couple hours.

As usual, the technical aspects of the blu-ray are superb with Disney and many extras are included on the blu-ray disc:

Cine-Explore with three of the main characters, which is an interactive way of viewing the film, pausing the film and presenting the behind the scene features in a stylized window, giving its replay value a notch up on other releases, bloopers (natch), features about the production, a feature on Jerry Bruckheimer and director Hoyt Yeatman and their history together on other Bruckheimer films, plus a 4 minutes romp with Tracey Morgan describing how to get into G-Force bootcamp.  The blu-ray release also comes with standard dvd and a digital copy.

“G-Force” is wholesome Disney fun with a great voice cast and enough extras to make it a great value.

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