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Dragon Ball Z- Dragon Box One DVD Review

This is the set “Dragon Ball Z” fans have been waiting for.


Content: B

Picture: A-

Audio: A-

Extras: B-


“Dragon Box One” contains the first 42 episodes of “Dragon Ball Z” (AKA the Vegta and Namek sagas). The main story revolves around Goku, his son Gohan, and his friends/family being visited by three evil Saiyans (Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta) who are hell bent on destruction. Much of the season involves fighting (obviously), but there are also subplots involving Goku training with Kaio, Gohan being kidnapped by Raditz, Gohan turning into an ape, etc. In the last few episodes, there is also the Namek saga in which Gohan and company travel on a spaceship to Namek in order to find three dragon balls to bring Piccolo back from the dead.

Aside from the Trunks saga, this is “Dragon Ball Z” at its best. There’s just something fresh and exciting about the start of the series because, as viewers know, the series fell victim to repetition and endless drawn out fights in later seasons. While this season does drag certain things out (like Goku traveling and training from episodes 6-28 before finally returning to action) and features a little TOO much Gohan crying and whining, the episodes are generally fast paced and exciting. For action fans, it simply does get any better than seeing Goku engage in earth shaking battles with the equally powerful Saiyans Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta. Plus, the show has plenty of humor to boot!

Another aspect I really like about the start of the show is seeing how the characters start out. I like that Piccolo starts out as a baddie but soon becomes an ally. You can’t go wrong with supporting characters like Yamucha, Kuririn, and Tenshinhan either. One of DBZ’s greatest strength is its massive cast of memorable characters (as well as the character development).

Summary: If you already own the previously released DBZ sets, you probably won’t want to upgrade unless you are a completist. For DBZ enthusiasts, however, this is unquestionably the best DBZ set on the market and is well worth purchasing.

A note about the set: “Dragon Box One” contains 2 cases (with three discs a piece) wrapped in a snazzy yellow package. Also included is a dragon book sandwiched in between the two cases.


Many fans were upset that the DBZ episodes were presented in widescreen in previous DVD releases. Now, fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the episodes are in their original fullscreen presentation in this Dragon Box set. The picture quality here is really the main reason fans will want to check this set out. While there is some grain here and there, it has been greatly reduced (as has the shaky frame issue). Simply put, the episodes have never looked better than they do here. This is how remastered episodes should look!

This set contains English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Japanese Mono audio tracks. The original Japanese voice recording sounds a bit rough, but the Mono sounds as good as can be. Purists may scoff at the English dub track, but a lot of fans grew up on the dubbed versions (myself included). To be honest, the DBZ English dubs are arguably one of the best anime dubs period and it sounds phenomenal here in 5.1


As with most Funimation releases, the only extras on the discs themseves are trailers for “The Tower Of Druaga,” “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Bamboo Blade,” “Tsubasa,” “Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone,” and “Dragon Ball.” As an added bonus, however, the set includes a rather neat extra titled Dragonbook. The small hardcover book contains episode summaries, character profiles, a character connection graph, a “Dragon Ball” series summary, and character design sketches.

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