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Yellowstone:Battle For Life Blu-Ray


Yellowstone: Battle For Life

“Yellowstone: Battle For Life” is an excellent high definition portrait of Yellowstone Park and its wildlife.

Shot with high definition cameras, Yellowstone joins the other widely acclaimed series from BBC Earth as a must have disc for nature fans. Presented through three seasons, Winter, Summer and Autumn, the documentary, which is narrated by Peter Firth, shows life throughout the park and how the various animals survive in this unique ecosystem.  The footage is almost totally wildlife with no human interaction (other than narration) to what is going on in the scenes. Other information includes how Yellowstone was formed, with lots of information about the geography, weather, and survival techniques that the animals use to survive.

Anyone who has been to the park will want this disc and those who have never been but want to go, this will seal the deal.  The beauty of this park is faithfully captured in this excellent documentary. Highly recommended.

Picture and Sound

Absolutely stunning picture brings out the beauty of Yellowstone in all seasons. The HD camera work is some of the best I’ve ever seen in a documentary. Sound is DTS HD MA and also enhances the presentation in many scenes.


Three extras are provided in standard definition about the people who dedicated to the park: The Snowman: a portrait of the guy who clears snow off the roofs of the buildings in winter, Geyser Gazers who constantly gather data about the numerous geysers in the park, and the fishman.

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