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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Blu-Ray


Snow White Cover

Disney again pushes the Blu-Ray format forward with the release of Walt’s first, full length animated feature.

Besides the excellent restoration of this classic (it has never looked or sounded better), the disc set is loaded with tons of features that will keep you occupied for weeks with cutting edge BD-Live technology not previously seen in any BD release.  That alone is worth the price of this disc set.  Currently, the BD set is the only set available.  For regular DVD viewers, you’ll have to wait for November.  This is also a first for Disney and for Blu-Ray.

Buy this one-it is number one on the best selling charts for a reason and is also an excellent value.

Picture and Sound


Faithfully restored to pristine condition using the latest technology, Snow White and Disney once again sets another high standard for restoration and quality. Colors are vivid, details are sharp-it really doesn’t get better than this. An enhanced soundtrack in DTS HD MA makes the discs presentation even more impressive.


Chock full of extras, the list is long and plentiful. It utilizes a lot of new BD-Live features and cutting edge technology not tried before on Blu-Ray.  The list is too long to include here but you’ll have hours of extra material to run through making this disc set an excellent value.


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