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Strangerland Blu-ray Review

Strangerland Blu-ray

“Strangerland” is an unsatisfying mystery film. Continue reading

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Camelot Season 1 Blu-ray and Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena Blu-ray Reviews


“Camelot” is nothing special.

“Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena” is an unnecessary, but entertaining mini-series. Continue reading

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FlashForward: The Complete Series

“Flashforward” was supposed to be the show to replace “Lost” when it finished its run this year.  It had a lot of great things going for it: a great cast , lead by film actor Joseph Fiennes, interesting characters that were developed as the series went along, the premise of what happens if you knew your future and how would it effect your life now, plus the intrigue of finding out who caused a world wide two minute plus blackout.

As the series moved along, I got hooked by some of the characters and their plight; I especially liked John Cho’s character as he dealt with the fact he didn’t see into the future and he tries to find out why he will be dead. I also liked the subplot of the political aspect of the blackout, led by a president secret (Peter Coyote plays the President) that will have consequences for the nation.  But in the end, the reason this series failed was too many subplots for all the characters which made everything slow down to a crawl as the series tried to cover it all.  People wanted more action and too many of the episodes led up to not much.

This dvd set has the complete series, along with some interesting extras for fans.  And for those of you who already bought part one, there is a coupon you can redeem to get cash back for buying this complete set. Here’s a isting of the extras, courtesy of Amazon:

Creating a Castastrophe: The Effects of a Global Blackout
Flashforward: A Look Ahead
Audio commentary
Architects of Destiny
Meet Yuko
Flashforward on set (5)
Interviews from the Mosaic Collective
Blooper reel
Deleted scenes

“Flashforward” will always be a bit painful to watch for me; I got hooked and it got cancelled so the show has no conclusion, which is doubly  frustrating as the show ends with a cliffhanger for a season that will never be.  It was a remarkable show and deserved a better ending than it got.

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FlashForward Part One Season One

The first 10 episodes of this original show on ABC are released on DVD, before the return of the show on March 18th.  I have found the show worth watching, and the show follows the calendar as the weeks go by.  For anyone not familiar with it, a world wide blackout of humans occurs for 2 minutes and 17 seconds in the opening show and FBI agents Joseph Fiennes and John Cho must deal with the aftermath and try to find out the mystery behind it.  During this blackout period, people experience a vision of their future, that have devastating results to relationships and the way people feel about life.   The show deals more with these visions and the clues they contain then anything else.  The audience discovers along with the characters when secrets are revealed.   Continue reading

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