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Sound Of Metal Criterion 4K UHD Review

‘Sound Of Metal’ is a surprising and emotional journey. 

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Take This Waltz Blu-ray Review

Michelle Williams makes the hard to watch “Take This Waltz” worth watching. Continue reading

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The Illusionist Blu-Ray

“The Illusionist” is a great romantic thriller set in the Victorian era in Vienna.  Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Rufus Sewell and Jessica Biel star in this visually rich drama that will have you wondering”how did he do that?”.   Continue reading

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Edge Of Darkness Blu-Ray

Mel Gibson returns to acting after 8 years in a new action thriller “Edge Of Darkness”, which is based on a British mini-series from the 80s.  Directed by Martin Campbell, who directed the original mini-series and also the James Bond remake, “Casino Royale”. Gibson plays a Boston cop and single father of a daughter who works at a mysterious research facility.  When she comes home for a visit, she’s sick from unknown reasons and as he takes her to the Dr., she is shot and dies as they are walking out the door of their house.  At first, the police investigation centers on Gibson and who might want to harm him but after talking to some of his daughter’s friends it becomes clear to him that she was the one gunned down.  The rest of the film is all about Gibson finding out who and why his daughter was killed. Gibson is haunted by earlier images of his daughter throughout the film, which brings a supernatural element to the plot. Continue reading

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