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Smallville- The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

“Smallville” was an ahead of its time comic book TV series.

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Krypton Season 2 Blu-ray Review


The second and final season of “Krypton” hits home video.  Continue reading

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The Death Of Superman: Limited Edition Gift Set Blu-ray Review


“The Death Of Superman” is a top tier DC animated film. Continue reading

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DC Dice Masters: World’s Finest Product Reviews

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“World’s Finest” might be the best Dice Masters set yet. Continue reading

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Armageddon Blu-Ray

Michael Bay’s big film before “Transformers” was this doomsday plot action thriller with producer Jerry Bruckheimer on board. Stars Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi, Billy Bob Thornton, Owen Wilson,  Michael Duncan, and Will Patton are put in charge of saving the planet from a rogue comet the size of Texas, as no one in the government can hold a candle to these oil drilling experts.  (We need these guys in the Gulf of Mexico right now!).  The semi-serious plot (the end of the world sure is funny)involves their recruitment, training and their adventures getting to the comet to drill a hole and stuff it with a nuke before it impacts Earth.  Along the way they team up with a space happy Russian cosmonaut and “serious” members of the NASA crew.

The science part of this science fiction film is laughable but the movie in general is really one of those “put your brain on hold and just watch the action” type films anyway.  If you can get around those facts that are glaring in parts (fires in space?) you could enjoy the film for its effects, humor and action sequences.

The blu-ray picture is up to Disney (Touchstone) standards, as well as the DTS-MA sound.  Extras are not plentiful at all, which is a disturbing trend for Disney films( Tombstone also lacked extras found on the Vista series dvd set) but all we get  on this blu-ray is Aerosmith’s music video I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, a theatrical trailer, and teaser trailer.  With the Criterion dvd set loaded extras this a real letdown.

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