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Police Squad!- The Complete Series Blu-ray Review


“Police Squad!” delivers a bundle of laughs. Continue reading

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Police Woman Season 2 DVD Review

Are there really that many people pining for season sets of a show like “Police Woman“?

Sure, Angie Dickenson was hot. Okay, really hot, as displayed in this season two set in a retro sort of way. In addition, her sense of smarts portrayed in this horribly-dated 70’s relic does rank it above the T&A jiggle of later TV dreck like “Charlie’s Angels,” which wouldn’t have existed without this show coming first.

Still, this program is far from classic, and the individual episodes suffer from rote writing and direction. Despite her obvious visual assets, sexy Dickenson alone isn’t enough to lift this potboiler-of-a-program beyond mere nostalgic value to those who may have pined for her before she floored everyone in “Dressed to Kill.”

“Police Woman” is simply further evidence that nearly all of the cop shows that were popular in the 70s have not aged well. Some became retro-cool on cable, or through theatrical remakes, but so far, this isn’t one of them. If you have fond memories of this show, it’s probably because you haven’t sat and actually watched an episode in 30 years.

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