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Looney Tunes: Collector’s Choice Volume 1 Blu-ray Review

“Looney Tunes: Collector’s Choice Volume 1” offers up lesser known golden-age cartoons. 

“Looney Tunes” fans, rejoice! Warner Archive has a special treat for you in the form of a brand new Blu-ray release titled “Looney Tunes: Collector’s Choice Volume 1.” The disc contains 20 uncut and never released to Blu-ray golden-age cartoons from the 40’s and 50’s (5 of which are directed by Chuck Jones). Some of these toons have never even been released to DVD! The shorts (which run around 7 minutes each) contained on this disc include: “Beanstalk Bunny,” “Catch As Cats Can,” “The Unruly Hare,” “His Bitter Half,” “Daffy Doodles,” “Cracked Quack,” “Little Orphan Airedale,” “Hip Hip-Hurry!,” “Hot-Rod And Reel!,” “Greedy For Tweety,” “Stooge For A Mouse,” “A Mouse Divided,” “A Fractured Leghorn,” “Plop Goes The Weasel!,” “Tale Of Two Mice,” “The Foxy Duckling,” “Two Gophers From Texas,” “Doggone Cats,” “What’s Brewin’,Bruin?” and “The Bee-Deviled Bruin.” What can you expect from the above listed cartoons? A “Jack And The Beanstalk” spoof, a Frank Sinatra esque singing canary, a railroad, Daffy living with a female duck and her son, a criminal Daffy who puts mustaches on everything, Daffy hiding out at Porky’s home instead of migrating, Charlie Dog wanting Porky Pig to adopt him, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote face offs, Sylvester and Butch in the hospital, a mouse in need of cheese, Sylvester and his wife welcoming a baby mouse into their home, Foghorn Leghorn getting into issues with a cat and a dog, Babbit and Catstello trying to get cheese, a fox looking for pillow stuffing, Goofy Gophers, Sylvester and his brother trying to get even with Wellington the dog, and 2 adventures with The 3 Bears.

While none of these cartoons are classics like “Duck Amuck” or “Duck Dodgers In The 24 1/2th Century,” completists and casual “Looney Tunes” fans will still get a kick out of these shorts which feature beloved characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Porky Pig, Tweety, Foghorn Leghorn, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote and the 3 Bears. In fact, it’s just a treat to see these and many haven’t seen the light of day since Laserdisc if you can believe it. Seeing them in their uncut (and sometimes surprisingly violent) form is just icing on the cake. 

While each viewer will no doubt have their own individual favorites, there are 3 stand-outs for me personally. “Beanstalk Bunny” is a highly amusing “Jack And The Beanstalk” spoof which has Elmer Fudd as a giant. There’s all sorts of clever sight gags that play with the size differences. It’s pure Chuck Jones through and through. “Little Orphan Airedale” is a fun little story featuring the underrated Charlie Dog character trying to become adopted by Porky Pig. Lastly, “Plop Goes The Weasel” had me cracking up thanks to the weird salivating and thieving Weasel character. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Foghorn Leghorn. 

“Looney Tunes: Collector’s Choice Volume 1” is available on Moviezyng and other online retailers.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How do the cartoons look? The remastered and restored cartoons look impressive. There are noticeable print defects, but the colors look rich.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The music is generally on point, but the dialogue sometimes sounds a little scratchy in spots. 

No extras have been included.


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