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Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 Blu-ray Review

The first part of season 5 of “Yellowstone” is hit-and-miss. 

In the first 8 episodes of the modern western drama “Yellowstone” season 5, John Dutton’s stint as Governor of Montana begins which creates a host of new issues especially with Market Equities and their airport deal. Other key plots this season include Monica’s pregnant, Summer working with John, Market Equities consultant Sarah Atwood (who develops a connection with Jamie), Beth and Rip’s relationship, cattle herding, Rip’s past, and Dutton’s livestock having to move to Texas.

Writer/creator Taylor Sheridan’s fifth season of “Yellowstone” has a bit of a rough start. The Governor storyline is shaky and flounders a bit as Sheridan tries to figure out how to develop this pivotal storyline (especially since Dutton isn’t that interested in the position). Kevin Costner himself looks a bit bored this season so it’s no real surprise that he is apparently leaving the series soon. Another major issue is that the character of Beth comes off as overly cartoony early on with a bar fight, an over-the-top beatdown with Summer, and, of course, the ongoing crazy feud with Jamie which reaches a boiling point. That’s no slight on Kelly Reilly though as she exhaustively puts herself into this complex and challenging role. Even when the character becomes more and more absurd and unhinged, Reilly’s performance is nothing short of riveting. 

Once episode six rolls around, the season starts picking up. The heartfelt cattle herd aspect, Jamie’s character arc, and Rip’s backstory about how he ended up with the Duttons really ramp up the drama and get the show back on track. Let’s hope the remaining six episodes of the season follow suit. 


Presentation: 2.00:1 1080p. How does it look? A pristine transfer in which the scenery really shines.

Audio Track: Dolby TrueHD 5.1. How does it sound? The 5.1 track does the job.

* “Behind The Story”- Behind-the-scenes featurettes for all 8 episodes.
* “Undeniable Passion: Beth and Rip/Monica and Kayce- Interviews with the cast members about the character relationships.
* “Musical Crosscurrents With Composers Brian Tyler and Breton Vivian” is all about the music.
* “Giving Everything To This Land: Yellowstone Returns”- Cast and crew members talk about the new season and its plotlines. Episode clips and set footage are included.
* “Inside Yellowstone Season 5”- A very brief 3 minute extra that contains interviews and discussions about characters and storylines.
* “Yellowstone: Inside The Phenomenon”- A 22 minute inside look special hosted by cast members. Ian Bohen and Denim Richards.
* “Inside The Real Yellowstone Ranch”- A look at the Chief Joseph Ranch
* “Yellowstone: Stories From The Bunkhouse”- Cast roundtable discussions about all 8 episodes.


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