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Star Wars: 100 Objects Book Review

The Force is with “Star Wars: 100 Objects.”

Written by Kristin Baver, “Star Wars: 100 Objects” (AKA “Star Wars: 100 Objects: Illuminating Items From A Galaxy Far, Far Away….”) spotlights items selected from Skywalker Ranch and Lucasfilm Archives. These include props, models, busts and costumes. The book’s presentation is that of an in-universe museum tour of these 100 photographed items. Technically, there are more than 100 items with a few grouped sections ala Sith Lightsabers, Jedi Robes, and X-Wing Pilot Helmets. The items are divided by 4 eras- Republic, Imperial, New Republic and First Order. Each item contains a written piece about the item’s history and significance. Much of the time this merely means a recap of the item’s place in the films or TV series. For example, readers will see items like Master Plo Koon’s Antiox Mask, the Death Star Plans disc from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” Han Solo’s Dice, Boba Fett’s Z-6 Jetpack, The Darksaber from “The Mandalorian,” Rey’s Lighsaber, Boushh’s thermal detonator, the Ewok Staff of Power and so much more. The book closes out with a handy Index. 

“Star Wars: 100 Objects” is yet another winner from DK Books. Given that there have been numerous Star Wars reference books released from the publisher, it’s always fun to see what they will come up with next. This clever book doubles as a showcase of wonderful props from the real-life archives and an in-universe museum catalogue as it were. Sure, much of the details about the items like Anakin’s handmade Japor Snippet Pendant for Padme will be familiar to Star Wars enthusiasts who know the films and shows backwards and forwards, but that doesn’t put a damper on the book whatsoever. Besides, it’s just a treat to see high quality photographs of these props that most will likely never see in person.

Where ‘100 Objects’ really shines is with the written content about the blink and you’ll miss them items featured in the films. Among the highlights here- the Hand of the Lost King of Duro (which was in possession of Dryden Voss in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”), The Sages Of Dwartii Statues seen in Palpatine’s possession (which gives detailed tidbits about the 4 sage philosophers and lawmakers that potentially inspired Palpatine), an up close and personal look at the 4 panel Great Sith Wars Bas-Relief that Palpatine had in “Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith,” and perhaps the most intriguing one- the Ancient Jedi Texts featured in the sequel trilogy which contain fascinating details such as the Rannahgon texts containing origin stories of the cosmos and the Force. Given that the proposed “Dawn of the Jedi” movie was announced, it makes you wonder if that perhaps ties into the movie at all, but that’s just me nerding out. Of course, it’s likely many fans will be doing the same while pouring over these pages.


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