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Training Day 4K UHD Review

Denzel Washington is at his best in “Training Day.”

In 2001’s “Training Day,” LAPD Officer Jake Hoyt (who is also a husband and father) tries out for an undercover narcotics squad led by Alonzo Harris for a single day. As the two cruise about L.A. in Alonzo’s souped up Monte Carlo, Alonzo teaches him the ropes of life on the streets in a not so by the book fashion. As Jake begins to question Alonzo’s methods, he becomes caught up in some unsavory activities involving drugs, murder, and theft. Elsewhere in the story, Alonzo owes money to the Russian Mafia who are looking to collect. 

Directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by David Ayer, “Training Day” is an intense police drama about corruption, crime, and justice that works about two-thirds of the time. The first half fares better as Fuqua and Ayer dive into the characters’ mindsets and differing world views. The story takes a tumble in the final act when it essentially becomes a drawn out cat and mouse game/brawl. It doesn’t feel connected to the rest of the movie in some respects as it feels like a tacked on action set piece to heighten the dramatic stakes. 

One thing is for certain though- Denzel Washington is amazing in this film. Not only was it surprising to see him in a dark role, but he just owns the screen every second he’s on. His tough, intimidating, wisecracking, and edgy Alonzo is a fascinating “villain” character. There’s a reason why he won the Oscar for this. Ethan Hawke often gets overshadowed by Denzel in this, but he’s superb here too. They say acting is reacting and Hawke is always reacting to Denzel in this movie. The dynamic between the two is why the movie works as well as it does. Although their respective roles are largely small, there are notable performances by Snoop Dogg, Eva Mendes, Tom Berenger, Dr. Dre, Raymond Cruz, Harris Yulin and Scott Glenn as well.


Presentation: 2.35:1 2160p. How does it look? While not a glossy new transfer, this new 4K disc provides a subtle, nice upgrade which offers up more image clarity.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? It’s the same audio track as the Blu-ray but it’s still quite effective.

* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* Commentary by director Antoine Fuqua.
* 12 ½ minutes of deleted scenes and an alternate ending.
* Music videos for Nelly’s “#1” and Pharoahe Monche’s “Got You.”
* “Training Day” trailer
* “Training Day: Crossing The Line”- Archival 15 minute featurette with film clips, interviews, and character and story discussions.

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